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  1. Metalhead47

    Community (SnoCo) Transit policy: Have gun, will meet police

    Part of my job is to "inform and explain" company policies, so when I saw this in a training memo the other day I thought it bared mentioning, since it's completely different from the last time I heard about the subject (when drivers had more discretion about how to handle such situations)...
  2. Metalhead47

    Experiences @ Key Arena?

    So I'm taking the wife to see Trans Siberian Orchestra at Key Arena tomorrow. Now as I understand it, despite being a govt institution they get around preemption with the old "we're leasing it so someone so THEY can actually prohibit firearms" excuse, etc etc. According to their website they DO...
  3. Metalhead47

    Shooting pits off highway 410

    My wife is doing the Heart Walk in downtown Seattle this Saturday, then we're planning on going out for a little shooting. Then I hit on the idea of checking out Surplus Ammo down Tacoma-way (since we'd be halfway there anyway), then heading out on highway 410 over Chinook & Cayuse passes to...
  4. Metalhead47

    New CZ82

    UPS just dropped this lil beut off :banana:. Could end up being a new OC piece, but first its got a date with a can of brake cleaner & Hoppe's. And now I'm kicking myself and I didn't order a couple of extra mags along with it, since they're not as plentiful as I'd thought. Anyone know of any...
  5. Metalhead47

    Just a quick funny

    So after concealing all day and feeling typically uncomfortable about it, I finally left the shoot-me-first vest in the truck when me & my wife stopped at the McDonalds in Mukilteo. As I'm walking out, the lady in the front seat of a car by the door gets the wide-eyed "OMG a gun!" look. A...
  6. Metalhead47

    OC at SeaTac apt

    I'll be picking my wife up there shortly, and I'd like to meet her in the terminal to help with the bags. It's my understanding that the little "misunderstanding" with the port PD from a while back has been cleared up. Anyone been thru there recently?
  7. Metalhead47

    Unicorn @ 164th st Walmart... anyone here?

    My wife saw an open carrier at the 164th Walmart in Lynnwood this evening around 7, just curious if it was anyone on here? She was in a hurry & didn't have a chance to say hi.
  8. Metalhead47

    Travel thru Nevada, what do I need to know?

    Hi all. My wife & I will be driving from phoenix to Seattle tomorrow (friday), and we're thinking of going tru Nevada (wife wants to see Vegas). I'm trying to look up the relevant laws but I'm finding it very confusing. I know our WA cpl's are not valid there, and supposedly Nevada is a gold...
  9. Metalhead47

    No guns in antelope Island state park?

    'scuse me if this is old news around here, but I was under the impression that firearms are NOT prohibited at Utah state parks, pre emotion & all that? My wife & I made a quick diversion there passing thru the state & sure enuf the little brochure they give you specifically prohibits...
  10. Metalhead47

    Closest gas to OR state line on I-84?

    So, my wife & I are heading down to Phoenix in a couple weeks. We're planning to drive thru the NW tip of Oregon on I-84, which means OC or nuthin, and potential local restrictions. So I'm trying to avoid having to stop till we hit Idaho. Where's the closest gas station on this side of the...
  11. Metalhead47

    Passing through northwest Oregon, how's the attitude?

    My wife & I will be passing thru the NW corner of Oregon in a couple weeks on our way to Phoenix. Our Washington CPL's are no good there, of course, so it's OC or nothing, and I understand cities are free to restrict it without a valid Oregon permission slip. We're not planning on making any...
  12. Metalhead47

    OC article in June's Playboy

    So, anyone read it? I'm about halfway thru, looks to be stereotypically negative (not surprising), but coming from the perspective of a CC-only author (somewhat surprising). Does mention GeorgiaCarry.org
  13. Metalhead47

    Visiting AZ

    Hi all. I'll be down in AZ visiting in a few weeks, so I wanted to brush up on the local laws. I actually grew up in the east valley but I was never a "gun person" till I moved up here. Anyways, as I understand it, "almost" constitutional carry, oc/cc generally not restricted, respect private...
  14. Metalhead47

    The curious, and the mindless

    Had an interesting contrast of encounters this weekend. Yesterday, I was at the Albertsons in Oak Harbor, and a lady in a scooter going past suddenly backs up & says "Excuse me, is that a gun? Why do you have one?" So I talked to her for a minute or two, gave her my "'cuz it's easier than...
  15. Metalhead47

    Saw this on my bus today... New WCF ad campaign?

    :banghead: and man did it take some effort to resist the urge to properly file it under T. Iirc there was talk a while back of getting a billboard, but it was deemed too expensive. Maybe some ads like this would be an alternative? I hate to see this kinda garbage go unanswered before a...
  16. Metalhead47

    Who carries extra magazines? And how?

    Picked up a little kydex dual mag holder the other day to carry a couple of "slightly lower capacity" mags to supplement "really low capacity" HiPoint (y'know, as opposed to "normal capacity" 18 or 19 round mags in most 9mm's:uhoh:). Got all geared up to head out today, then just felt kinda...
  17. Metalhead47

    Bobs sporting goods in Longview

    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about this place? My lovely wife came up with the idea of taking a lil road trip down there for minuet g'day next weekend, she was all excited that she found a gun shop I've never heard of. It was rather cute :). Anyways, as I recall Longview is where...
  18. Metalhead47

    Scary road rage incident happened to my wife

    This kinda fits in with a couple of recent threads, but it hit close enough to home I figured it warrants its own. Anyways, in my wife's words... Thoughts from the IANALs & maybe even the IAALs? My wife was not armed at the time, having just come from work, but sure wishes she had been now...
  19. Metalhead47

    Tapatalk problems

    Anyone else here been having issues using tapatalk to view the forum the last couple days? Any time I try to view "participated" topics I get a server error message, but regular browsing works fine. Anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Metalhead47

    "DEA" raids wrong Marysville home

    http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-marysville-armed-robbers-sought-drugs-pretended-to-be-dea-agents-20120108,0,1047792.story Armed thugs posing as DEA agents storm Marysville apt, scare the crap out of occupants: TV news article was longer, "real" police speculate they broke into the wrong...