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  1. MyWifeSaidYes

    Anti-gunners out to squash pro-gun HB 48 on Tuesday

    So, our legislators think that HB 48 will come up for discussion this week and the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence is calling all their supporters. They plan on having a 'virtual advocacy day' on Tuesday by lighting up the switchboard at the statehouse. Here's a link to the story...
  2. MyWifeSaidYes

    Open carry holsters

    If you aren't in a car, you can tape it to your face if you want to. This guy did...
  3. MyWifeSaidYes

    Suggesting an "interim CHL renewal" to enable reciprocity with NICS states

    Disappointed that you recently received or renewed your CHL just before the NICS check was included? Call your legislators and suggest an "interim CHL renewal". If you need to know who your state senator and representative are, and how to contact them, go here...
  4. MyWifeSaidYes

    APRIL 19, 2014 - Patriot's Day Celebration and Gun Rally

    On April 19 1775 the Battle of Lexington began at daybreak with "the shot heard 'round the world", starting the Revolutionary War which led to our Independence as a nation. Come celebrate our freedom with like minded fellow citizens by rallying at the Statehouse from Noon to 3:00 pm. Open...
  5. MyWifeSaidYes

    Moms Demand Action attacking Staples

    http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/moving-forward-guns-without-congress Moms Demand Action checked off Starbucks as a win and is moving on to Staples. They indicate this will continue with other companies.
  6. MyWifeSaidYes

    EVENT - Oct. 29 - Pro HB203 Rally and Testimony

    Here is the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/437684453006666 Come on up/down/over to Columbus on October 29th for the Proponent Testimony hearing for HB203. Before that starts, we'll be having a Pro-HB203 rally at the Statehouse. Thanks to the efforts of forum member...
  7. MyWifeSaidYes

    Anti-gun meetings and statehouse testimony

    This was received from Toby Hoover's anti-gun group: ------------- You are needed. VIGIL October 11th Quad County Coalition for the Sensible Regulation of Guns Second Friday Peace Vigil Friday, October 11 at 4:30 in Tiffin at the Courthouse Square. ---- SUMMIT October 27th Multi Faith...
  8. MyWifeSaidYes

    Interesting article about Oberlin firearm laws

    http://theoberlinnewstribune.com/local-news/city-fight-state-carry-laws/ I doubt Oberlin actually wants to fight the fight that Cleveland couldn't win. :rolleyes:
  9. MyWifeSaidYes

    Morrow County Fair Board (Mt. Gilead) thinks I am a "radical troublemaker"

    Dropped by Mt. Gilead in Morrow County on Friday to take some pictures of what the fairgrounds looks like before the fair setup starts. Saw those pesky signs: Some were on ticket booths (no problem) and some were on fences surrounding the grounds (problem). Notice that they are posted...
  10. MyWifeSaidYes

    My wifes extreme views

    My wife believes in "Don't hurt anybody" laws and "Don't steal anything" laws and that anything else is harassment...and she thinks her views are extreme? Any feedback for her?
  11. MyWifeSaidYes

    Call Sen. Portman re: confirmation of BATFE director

    The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence wants Senator Portman to vote to confirm BATFE Acting Director Todd Jones as the permanent Director of that agency. In my opinion, that is reason enough to ask Senator Portman to NOT confirm Todd Jones for that position. Please urge Senator Portman to...
  12. MyWifeSaidYes

    OFCC Party in the Park on August 11, 2013

    Ohioans For Concealed Carry is having their annual Party in the Park on SUNDAY, August 11. Everyone is invited. Open carry is okay, but firearms are not required. Admission and parking are free. If you want a catered lunch, tickets are available until July 31, otherwise bring your own. For...
  13. MyWifeSaidYes

    Definition of 'valid identification'?

    ORC 2923.126 says a licensee must be "carrying a valid license and valid identification", but it does not define what 'valid identification' means. I've been told that it means a valid, state-issued ID card or driver license. BUt which law says that?
  14. MyWifeSaidYes

    Man who was beaten by 'bored' teens, dies.

    http://www.daytondailynews.com/ap/ap/crime/ohio-man-who-was-badly-beat-by-bored-teens-dies/nYpYs/ Beaten by SIX teenagers, all of whom were 13 or 14 years old. I'm sure glad I open carry a handgun for my own protection. And have more than 6 rounds on me.
  15. MyWifeSaidYes

    Cincinnati PD - To serve and protect - and abduct - and falsely accuse and imprison -

    So, a cop abducts your kid from school, tells the administrators NOT to inform you, coerces a false confession from your kid by threatening you, coaxes you back to the cop's apartment and suggests he can help if you have sex with him...and still winds up leaving your kid in jail, lost in the...
  16. MyWifeSaidYes

    What, exactly, is the Stand Your Ground law in SC?

    I read this article: S.C. Supreme Court Abruptly Halts Murder Trial to Hear Arguments on ‘Stand Your Ground’ — After an Armed Intruder Uses It to Justify Killing a Homeowner...
  17. MyWifeSaidYes

    Joanie was right about Golden Corral

    Two weeks ago, I stopped in to eat at the Golden Corral in Grove City. Joanie, a fellow open carrier and forum member here on OCDO, was told by someone at that restaurant that she could not carry there. I told her the problem was that she asked about it instead of just doing it. She didn't...
  18. MyWifeSaidYes

    If city won't repeal bad law, will a 'note' in the law work?

    There is a suburb of Columbus that has a bad law or three on the books. They violate R.C. 9.68. After bringing this up to council, the law director contacted me and said that council did not want to repeal any of the laws, but were willing to publish a note at the end of each ordinance that...
  19. MyWifeSaidYes

    What constitutes a 'public place'?

    The first line of ORC 2921.29 starts: But what, exactly, is a "public place"? Other codes contain the phrase "public place", including Disorderly Conduct and Inducing Panic, but it appears to only be defined under the smoking ban law - ORC 3794.01. So, if this definition applies...
  20. MyWifeSaidYes

    Lawsuit filed for illegal open carry stop of forum member RCall

    For those of you who are not aware of the illegal stop that Riverside police made on an open carrier, you may want to read the report and watch the video. Original police report: http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/4610284/callredacted077-pdf-795k?da=y Video of stop...