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    I saw a unicorn!

    Caldwell Walmart in the return line at about 15:00 carrying a 1911 style in a brown holster. Sorry I didn't have time to stop and chat. If I see you again I'll try to say hi.
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    CHL renewal from WCSO

    imported post I've heard that some counties instantly renew your license. Just wanted to know if anyone knows if that is how Washington County does it.
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    Aloha man arrested for pulling a gun on kids

    imported post Just got an infoflash from WCSO that a man was arrested today for pulling a gun on some kids throwing snowballs at cars. He claims it was a toy gun and that he had disposed of it before being arrested. Incident happened yesterday near 135th Ave. and Scholls Ferry Road. I'll post...
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    Why my gun scares people

    imported post My handgun, openly carried on my side, isn’t what really scares you. You know that my gun, lawfully carried in its holster, will never harm you. Yet you find it necessary to give me dirty looks, make snide comments, or question my manhood because I choose to carry a gun. Why is...
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    First time open carrying

    imported post I've had a CHL in the past and allowed it to expire. I'm applying to have it renewed but in the mean time I found this site, read up on the laws (no I didn't just take the the posts as law, I actually verified the law lol) and open carried for the first time tonight. Needed...