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    “In plain view” definition for car carry

    Moving to Idaho and planning to pursue enhanced CWP, but can’t until after 6 months and I’m a resident. In the mean time I plan to open carry from day one and always when on my ranch. Only question I have is how is “in plain view” defined in regards to vehicle carry. If I OWB carry a glock, is...
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    Minimum age to buy a handgun?

    imported post I thought it was a federal law that required you to be 21 to legally buy a handgun, but I'm not so sure. Anyways, How old do you have to be to buy a handgun in the state of Nevada?
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    Can you be in Richmond, CA tomorrow from noon to 1:00?

    imported post I'm planning on being there, can any of you show up too? I could use the support and friendly company. Here is a link to the original thread, I posted my plans there: http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum4/4392.html It's tomorrow, 8/28/07! Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA.