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    Hey..Check this out!

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/18/group-hold-gun-toting-dinner-detroit-restaurant/?test=latestnews Good to see those in Detroit putting it "out there"!
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    Wow! Check this out!

    A friend of mine just sent me this article. Pretty amazing. City of Madison News Release -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Printable Version For Immediate Release: Sep 22, 2010 For More Information Contact: Joel DeSpain 266-4897 OPEN CARRY &...
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    Idea on educating the community...

    After reading several of these threads, and realizing that education is the KEY for our fellow citizens to understand what OC is all about...what do you think of this idea. Here in Independence, Mo....every year we have a community celebration on the square called "Santa-Cali-Gon" days. Most...
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    Meet n Greet get together in Independence

    I think it's time we all get together again in Independence! I am available on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings...or anytime on a Saturday...say between 0800am and 4pm. Just let me know when and where.
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    Inter/Intra state gun sales

    imported post First...I apologize for asking this...cuz I know I've seen it addressed...but I need an answer for my son pretty quick. My son lives in Missouri, the gun lives in Kansas. IF my son goes to where the gun lives and conducts the transaction there will that suffice as far as the...
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    OC get together

    imported post I live in Independence and I was curious if there would be any interest in organizing a OC get together for those of us in Indep, Blue Springs, Liberty, Lee's Summit and Grain Valley. I see our friends up in St. Joe are making it happen...I was thinking we could too.
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    OC meeting in Independence

    imported post I was just curious if there would be any interest for an OC get together for those of us in Independence and surrounding communities. I see our friends up in St. Joe are making it happen...I was thinking maybe we could too.