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    Every town for silliness petitiion

    What can we do to support a 2A rights? http://act.everytown.org/act/target-petition-2?source=fbns_share&utm_source=fb_n_&utm_medium=_s&utm_campaign=share7
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    So I was just at EOTech office and the have no guns or knives sign. I really need to bring a red dry erase marker so I can write "Caution" above the sticker. Nuts.
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    Anti-gun violence ArtPrize entries help spark meaningful conversation

    http://www.mlive.com/opinion/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2013/10/anti-gun_violence_artprize_ent.html#incart_river_default That is what the title says, however, I see nothing about the other side. Time to join in.
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    Clerk uses gun to foil robbery at Pittsfield Township store

    Clerk uses gun to foil robbery at Pittsfield Township store This is on Ann Arbor.com.
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    Increasing popularity of carrying concealed guns prompts county office ...

    For those that want to wade in... http://www.annarbor.com/news/increasing-popularity-of-carrying-concealed-guns-prompts-county-office-to-bolster-staff/
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    Gun show protest

    "A group of activists says it will protest outside the Huron Gun Collectors Inc.'s gun show this Saturday near Saline."
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    Supplemental sticker

    Where can I find a sticker that is about half the size of a bumper sticker that states “Caution” with a black ground and red letter? Do they have duct tape like that? The only reason would be to put it over a no gun sign.
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    Gun-control debate could use more facts, less emotion

    To let everyone know the gun news... I hope you jump on this wagon http://www.mlive.com/opinion/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2012/12/julie_mack_gun-control_debate.html#incart_river_default
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    NRA question

    Do you think the NRA was Right, should there be armed guards in schools? http://www.mlive.com/opinion/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2012/12/poll_do_you_agree_with_the_nra.html#incart_2box
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    HS school Christmas program

    So what do you think? Whether I do or not, I will have the recorder going.
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    Washington Times

    Larry Pratt made the editor's pick, I thought I would share. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/aug/9/gun-control-creates-victims/?page=1
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    Interlochen Center for the Arts

    The program stated that "Michigan Law Prohibits any weapons, including concealed weapons, on Interlochen property because we are an educational campus." Does this camp fall under the "Schools" of the MCL 28.425o?
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    Emotional ties toward gun control need to be reconsidered

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    Another gun saved a life...

    Tables are turned... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sesttISVmGg&feature=player_embedded
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    Action Impact Protest.

    http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/home/rev-jesse-jackson-takes-aim-at-gunshops-holding-protests-blaming-the-businesses-for-joblessness The "Good" Rev Jackson is getting it wrong again. I wish I would have known to counter his protest.
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    German Police Used Only 85 Bullets Against People in 2011

    I cannot comment, due to restrictions. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/global/2012/05/german-police-used-only-85-bullets-against-people-2011/52162/ I am sure one of you will get there.
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    Bill Cosby shooting off is mouth

    http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/cutline/cosby-george-zimmerman-guns-not-race-real-issue-184628189.html Just so you all know.
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    Handgun stopping power

    Something that might other might have an interest in. http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/printable/node/7866
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    Hero Fired.....

    http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-friends/index.html#/v/1361293810001/store-clerk-fired-for-defending-himself/?playlist_id=86912?test=faces Another story....
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    Someone who may help us

    Even it is only to listen and learn. I do not agree with all, but many of her points. Mostly it has been the good leadership. Start at the 10min mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH4XvgcEQOw&feature=share