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    Selling a firearm, issues

    A guy wants to buy my M&P shield, but says he lost his licence at a football game. He still has his chp and is willing to let me photograph it and his passport, should I go ahead with the sale?
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    Carrying in GameStop

    I live in Lexington and for years haven't had and trouble, until last night. One of the assistant managers said no one could bring guns in, at all, not even on duty cops. She read the policy in the procedure manual and it said no guns, but at the ens it said, "or while conducting company...
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    my first glock

    i got a glock 19c the other day amd love it. a guy gave it to me and a bunch of gear for my px4.
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    my next possible OC pistol

    im thinking about getting a ruger vaquero in .45 colt. what does everyone think?
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    kicked out of radioshack

    i was at the RadioShack in Lexington today and was asked to leave because of my pistol.. my wife was carrying and wasn't asked to leave. ive been going here for 5 years and carrying there since September. im a bit aggravated. i told her no guns no money and that i was calling corporate..
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    vehicle OC

    can i OC in my car without a permit in WV? im from NC and am coming up in about a week to visit with family. i always carry when traveling but i do not have a CHP. please advise..
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    px4 storm or beretta 92fs

    the wife is letting me get a new pistol and those are what i am considering, the px4 is what feels best but i don't know much about it. the 92fs is heavy and big. i plan on ccing when i get my permit so weight is a concern. do any of you have the px4? what do you think of it? currently i am...
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    if you see this what do you do?

    i always OC. i saw this at Haynes mall.
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    rough day

    Today I was hanging out around Salisbury and I was OCing. I went to CiCi's pizza, the comic monstore, mega mart (never heard of it before), the a gun store on Jake Alexander Blvd. I then went to the Salisbury mall to go to books-a-million and take the wife to cato. while walking I had a guy come...
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    anyone going to the lexington barbecue festival??

    if so, are you carrying?
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    can i carry at Lexington barbecue festival?

    title says it all guys, what do you know about this??
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    new OCer from lexington nc

    i have been carrying since friday and have felt really good. i carry an XDm 9mm and hardly notice the weight, but then again im a big dude.. i really do enjoy it though
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    going to west virginia in a week

    i always heard WV was an OC state but i wanted to make sure as i just started OCing. i call the state police ant they said i have to have the weapon unloaded and out of reach. ive been looking here and seen otherwise, please help. BTW im from NC