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    Dave Champion's analysis of Title 18 jurisdiction, federal zones, etc

    Apparently this has never been challenged in court... REALLY makes one wonder what the outcome would be. I am wondering what opinion others have on this analysis. Forgive me if this has already been discussed. https://originalintent.org/edu/chapter44.php
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    Open Carry Event in Washington DC January 17, 2021?

    A highly-suspect image appeared promoting an "armed march" on the capital. This image appears very poorly done and not by someone of the individual human rights persuasion (more like the communist persuasion)...
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    Who/Where is "This Guy Knows His Stuff, Open Carry Search Under Duress video?"

    I came across this video today. I can't seem to find any info about it - who the open carrier is and what state this took place in. Thanks ahead of time! This video has gotten a ton of hits. So if we can post the identity of the guy with this following link (The title of the video on...
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    Third open carry even in Illinois

    The Rockford Tea Party is hosting an open carry event at the Bullet Stop Gun Shop in Loves Park, IL. Sunday June 17th 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The event was posted on another thread here, but I thought a new cleaner thread just for this event would be nice. The event is not affiliated with any...
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    OC Event on the Border this Weekend

    Anyone coming down to the Open Carry Charity Cookout in Lake County, IL? It's practically on the border on WI and IL by Lake Michigan. I didn't see any other events going on, so I wanted to make sure anyone who has an OC itch this weekend knows about this :) We would certainly appreciate as...
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    October 30th - Zion, IL - OPEN CARRY EVENT @ 1st Class Firearms

    http://www.icarry.org/ftopict-3951.html The event has been moved up the road a few miles because the response has been incredible and we needed more room!!! Who: You and bring a friend or family members! Illinois AND Wisconsin citizens are welcome!!! What: Open Carry Charity Fundraiser for...
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    ICarry.org Begins Fundraiser for Wisconsin Carry, Inc!!!

    http://www.icarry.org/donate.html Please use this link to donate to Wisconsin Carry, Inc's efforts in bringing suits against the City of Madison, Madison Police, Police Chief, and anyone else culpable (ICarry is making assumptions as to whom the defendants may be). This is for the 5 men...
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    Wisconsin's leadership for countrywide carry

    I just wanted to tell everyone in Wisconsin who is part of the "open carry" movement that I'm very pleased to be associated with you and to be around to witness what is happening. It means a great deal to me to see people exercising their rights, standing up and together for one another, and...
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    Reach out to MPD?

    I posted this on ICarry, but I'd like to add it to the discussion here as well. It's an idea for discussion, nothing more. The root cause of this incident may be overlooked. Some police officers still feel the need to engage peaceful open carriers. From where does this need arise, and what can...
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    Facebook group to unite IL gun rights groups

    imported post Check this out: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=116656268370638&ref=ts We're trying to get the various groups to work together in Illinois. A very large part of working together is supporting (even if they don't want to actively promote) those gun owners who wish to...
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    Cordially inviting all WI people to first Illinois OC Event!!!

    imported post Our first OC event on the calendar for Illinois is May 22, 2010. http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum21/43711.html I was in the Bullet Stop today (starting to feel like my second home) http://www.bulletstopguns.com and http://www.gunmanjim.com and the owner extended a very...
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    ICarry.org Announces SECOND CONFIRMED Open Carry Event in Illinois!!!

    imported post I was in the Bullet Stop today (starting to feel like my second home) www.bulletstopguns.com and www.gunmanjim.com and the owner extended a very nice welcome to us to come out and have an event on his property. He has a cool military show coming up, Saturday May 22 starting...
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    ICarry to push for Constitution Carry (no permit aka Vermont style) in Wisconsin?

    imported post DISCLAIMER BY OP: Read carefully - this has been proposed and is not yet decided yet. But it looks good. Also, this is my thread so do NOT turn it into a permit vs. no permit discussion. Please respect that. I've proposed to the ICarry board for ICarry to start laying the...
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    ICarry.org Announces FIRST Open Carry Event in Illinois!!!

    imported post Event canceled :(
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    Open Holster and Container event at NIU

    imported post We've scheduled a RIGHT TO CARRY awareness gathering at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL. April 14th. It will begin at noon and not end until late at night. This will allow those who can't get off work during the day to attend after work...
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    AB 914 - outlaw private sales - hearing April 7th

    imported post AN EMAIL FROM WISCONSIN ANTI GUN OWNERSHIP FUND I will be out of town, otherwise I would be at the hearing. If you can go, I would suggest giving Jeri or her minions a call at the number below and let her know you'll be there. You probably shouldn't mention that you oppose her...
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    IL & WI Open Carry get together in Beloit - Sun Mar 21 - Be there!!

    imported post The event will be to celebrate Illinois and Wisconsin working together for Right to Carry. It will also be a general opportunity for members of various groups, discussion boards, etc to meet one another. I'd like all groups to have representatives down there with their banners...
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    1st Open Carry-esque Event in Illinois - March 3rd CHICAGO!!!

    imported post One week from today, Illinois gun owners will make history. This will be one gathering that the media will not ignore, as gun owners will be wearing containers such as fannypacks, pouches, etc - capable of lawfully carrying unloaded pistols - or empty holsters. IN CHICAGO...
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    Need some OCers down in Chicago March 3rd!!!

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum21/38925.html If anyone who is not too far away from Chicago would be willing to back us up with some bodily support, we would greatly appreciate it. This is NOT an open carry event, obviously, as that would be illegal. This is a "container"...
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    "Carry Cards" ready to distribute

    imported post I just got in our first batch of 5,000 cards. I've already gone through 1/4 of them. Will be going through many more and ordering many more. Conservatively we will have 10s of 1,000s of these made. Perhaps we can even get into the 100s of 1,000s. THAT would be something. check...