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    Ignore feature.

    This is a poll ONLY. This is NOT intended to become a flame-fest. DON'T RESPOND AT ALL, JUST VOTE. Do you use the IGNORE FEATURE to block 'trolls?'
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    In your opinion, who do the police work for?

    Ignore feature - Use it. I couldn't understand why RODBENDER was getting censored... Then I started 'viewing' eye95's posts. (I have him ignored.) Eye95 is educated, possesses a great vocabulary, and writes well. Don't let it fool you! His posts are without substance. By responding, you...
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    Gun control.

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    OC and the mailman?

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    Another thread linked to the silly Mosque (Muslims Please Read)

    ignore feature Tawnos don't waist your time with this guy anymore. He isn't worth it. He doesn't care about facts as long as he can continue viewing the world the way he wants.
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    Chandler, AZ man kills 2 gang members.

    You missed the joke! Kalifornia = unloaded carry. No loaded magazines can be touching the firearm. *click...click* is the sound of an empty gun.
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    M&M's™ - Is Anti Gun

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    Chandler, AZ man kills 2 gang members.

    SNIP "People in Arizona carry guns," said Detective David Ramer, a Chandler police spokesman. "You better be careful about who you are picking on." ENDSNIP Read more: Chandler Shooting Two Dead.
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    Portland Mayor gets his balls handed to him.(literally and figuratively)

    Read the full article by David Codrea. --- ...I'm wondering what's wrong with refusing to compromise our rights with those who would infringe on them. I'm also wondering what specifically they have said that is untrue. I mean, even The Huffington Post shows you to be a liar who exploited...
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    Cuccinelli opinion seems flimsy

    Interestingly, he states "The General Assembly has provided broad powers to local governments to lease local government property. Virginia law imposes no restraints on localities with respect to lease terms and firearms." (see below) He then goes on to include examples that a) Don't have...
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    Town hall meeting - Thurs. 8/19/10 - Chester, VA

    HELP SUPPORT REPEAL OF OBSOLETE VIRGINIA GUN BUYER CHECK -- Attend, Speak And Show Support At Upcoming Local Town Hall Meeting August 18, 2010 Dear Joseph Simmons: In 1989, Virginia passed its first-in-the-nation state instant check statute. Nine years later, the national instant check...
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    Bill Carns of Top Shot's WED radio show...

    I e-mailed Bill a question about the 10A. He will be covering it tomorrow. It will be streaming live 10-11:00am Central time. If you miss it, check the archives later in the day. ---------my email ------------- I keep reading the 10th amendment, and I am greatly confused. I keep hearing, the...
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    Does this meet the requirement for justified shooting?

    SULLY DISTRICT STATIO�� (DISTRICT 1) COMMERCIAL ROBBERY: A man robbed a pharmacist at Walgreens, located at 13926 Lee Highway, on Sunday, August 8, at 10:44 p.m. The suspect reportedly passed a note to the employee implying a weapon and demanding Oxycodone. The employee complied...
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    Top shot's Bill

    Top shot's Bill has 2A radio show Has a pro 2A radio show. thought people might be interested. http://2aradio.com/ He is pro-OC !! He attempted to OC at the same Costco where Eric Scott was killed 1 week after and gave the door-guy ****. check his 7/19/10 and 8/12/10 shows for details...
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    The First TOP SHOT !!

    Last episode aired. IAIN WINS !!! I thought the dueling trees were way biased towards JJ in the first elimination. Was nice to have a heads up competition instead of timed or scored. The second elimination was EXCELLENT. This was a great format as it required a lot of strategy. I was way...
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    Not a handgun, but what are your thoughts?

    superfun plink'o'rama Kel-Tec's su-22
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    Top Shot !

    Just finished watching the latest episode of Top Shot. I'm sad to see Kelly go. I was rooting for the kid. He would of been safe if he didn't load so many rounds. First one up the hill was a disadvantage for sure. Every time someone undercut his score I was more and more shocked. Those...