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  1. taotaogalu

    Its been a while

    I (WE) started the guam thread years ago, and im glad to see how we all have flourished to be exceptional gun activist on Guam. I havnt posted in years due to a couple family problems that has long since been takend cared of and work schedules, but alot has changed since I last posted. 3 years...
  2. taotaogalu

    H.R. 822 "National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill"

    I know this site is just about open carry but for all the Guamanians on this forum I would like to ask your opinions on the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill.This bill was passed by congress to allow people from other states who hold concealed carry permits from one state to also carry...
  3. taotaogalu

    Concealed license

    I applied fr a concealed FID 2 months ago, not surprisingly I was denied. I met all requirements needed to get approved except for one, I wasn't in fear for my life and property. Im not a felon,law breaker,nor I have a felony record or any misdemeanor record except for a few speeding...
  4. taotaogalu

    Chukese Nuisance (Assault)

    It was about 8 pm Sunday I was on my computer, and I heard my dog`s barking. I went outside to look and there was taxi driver outside in front of my house,being assualted by these chukese men, I ran back inside and grabbed a flashlight and my gun,and told the 4 Chukese men to stop get down on...
  5. taotaogalu

    Self defense weapons trainer

    They are currently no qualified trainers that i know of that would train a civilian, any hints on where I could start to look for one. Considering on contacting the Local ATFE weapons trainer,got a friend that knows him what you guys and gals think.
  6. taotaogalu

    Getting use to it

    Been open carrying as much as I can for about 2 months now, so far so good. I guess the more you do it the more you get comfortable open carrying, occasional look here and there but nothing serious. No calling the cops because there`s a guy with a gun at the mall one person asked me if I was a...
  7. taotaogalu

    Carrying in a US Naval Base

    I work for a civilian contractor responsible for the daily operations of navy base Guam,our employee hand book prohibits guns at work.But if i was to keep my weapon stored and locked in a secure device in my car do you think that might be appropriate? It`s kind of hard to ask my supervisor those...
  8. taotaogalu

    Open carrying on Guam

    Went to chilies last night for dinner open carrying my XD 9 sub compact with my fiancée and her mom. Surprisingly no problems at all,no stares questions or LEOS.Just polite service had dinner and left.So far I have not seen anybody else open carry a firearm on this island,theres just to much...