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  1. younggun20

    sig pro sp2340

    imported post As the title says I may be picking up a used sig pro sp2340. Any current owners. anything I should look for? Ive heard some ppl say they have a problem releasing a loaded mag. Any input would be greatly appreciated
  2. younggun20

    Possible OC/CC meet

    imported post So lately I have had a itch to do some shooting, Im sure there are many here who feel my pain. Also I have been interested in IDPA shooting but discouraged by fees and the HUGE list of rules. My idea, what does everyone think of a OC/CC meet shooting contest similar to IDPA...
  3. younggun20

    Black Hills Remanufactured ammo

    imported post I just picked up a box of 50 for $20, guy at the counter said they are 180 grn Hornady Custom XTP bullets and once fired military brass. I currently carry Hornady Custom XTP in a spare mag and paid $22 for 20 I believe. Anyone had any experience with these
  4. younggun20

    Non resident permit

    imported post I'll be traveling back up to Washington soon and was curious about the steps to obtain a non resident permit and pricing I found some info via google but very vague. Any help would be much appreciated. Also anyone near Wenatchee going to Apple Blossom?
  5. younggun20

    Passing through

    imported post I'll be passing through on my way to Washington and curious on your OC and carry carry regulations. I have no CWP. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. younggun20

    May be traveling to washington

    imported post I may be going to washington this weekend, mainly Royal City, Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. What are the local carry regulations. I do not have a CWP, so here in UT I must be 2 actions away from firing (rack the slide, pull the trigger) Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. younggun20

    Possible .45 trade

    imported post I have a 4 in XD .45, and have been asked to trade it for an AO 1911. I really like 1911's but all the reports I read on Auto Ordinance 1911's are hit and miss. Any input would be appreciated. Should I make the trade?
  8. younggun20

    2 injured when gun goes off in car

    imported post 2 injured when gun goes off in car April 2nd, 2010 @ 4:30pm TREMONTON -- Two people were injured when a gun went off inside their vehicle near the Utah-Idaho border. The driver, 23-year-old Benjamin Baugh of American Fork, is at Bear River Valley...
  9. younggun20

    What to do after a shooting

    imported post I do not have my CWP and in Utah must be 2 mechanical operations away from firing when carrying. So what I have been thinking about the last couple days is if i had to pull and fire, what should i do after? I mean obviously call 911 but should i leave the weapon as is and re...
  10. younggun20

    I had a knife pulled on me last night

    imported post I went out to dinner last night with my family and decided not to carry, with some of the family members around I panned on having a drink or two. Well after we were through with dinner I decided to run down the block and get the car while my wife stayed behind with our daughter...
  11. younggun20

    Bill urges businesses to allow concealed carry permits on property

    imported post http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=148&sid=9864958 SALT LAKE CITY -- State lawmakers have passed a bill in the House aimed at encouraging private property owners to allow people with concealed carry permits to enter their property. Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, told the...
  12. younggun20

    Carry Locations

    imported post Had a question on a couple places, From what I understand and please correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't I be able to carry into the DLD and Department of Workforce Services? The reason I believe I should be able to is they are ran by the state receiving state funding so they...
  13. younggun20

    my first harrasment

    imported post Out of all the places I went today; liquor store, bank, smoke shop, different stores, hospital... the one place I had someone say something was blockbuster. As me and my wife were walking around the store I had the manager come up and ask me to pull my jacket over my gun. I...
  14. younggun20

    Apartmnet Complexes

    imported post I saw my first fellow OCer yesterday!:celebrate looked like a smaller 1911 at 3 o clock, i was walking the dog so i was unable to talk to the guy. it was at Emerald court apartments on redwood....was it anyone here??? Anyway it made me curious, has anyone had any encounters with...
  15. younggun20

    Wierd question

    imported post So i was thinking yesterday, from what I understand only violent crimes and such can stop you from owning a firearm and carrying. What about moving violations, what if they issue a warrant for non payment on a speeding ticket, or no turn signal or something similar? Can something...
  16. younggun20


    imported post I have seen alot of bersa 380's for sale lately. between $250 and $350 Any reviews on this? maybe as a couch gun to leave home with the wife?
  17. younggun20

    Freedom Festival

    imported post The ideas has been bounced around a little bit of a possible get together at the freedom festival in provo on Sat. someone mentioned lunch. Any one interested in setting some more concrete plans? maybe lunch or something?
  18. younggun20

    Opnions on S&W 686

    imported post Anyone own a S&W 686. i may be picking one up this weekend. So far all the reviews I've seen are praises. Any stories, complaints or suggestions?
  19. younggun20

    Bill of sale

    imported post Any one have a good firearm Bill of sale they would be willing to share with me?
  20. younggun20

    Intresting CCW VS OC story

    imported post I was at the store yesterday (:celebrateblue boutique:celebrate) and as I was looking around i noticed a man OCing. I didnt pay much attention to it, But someone else did... as i was leaning over to grab something off the lower shelf the girl behind the counter nearly yells "Hey i...