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  1. demnogis

    Stopped in Blythe for UOC

    Just heading on to Tucson. Stopped for dinner with the lady and a friend. Neutral stop as all the LEOs were polite and understood the laws. They did pull ID for all three of us (I informed him that CA is not a stop and ID state). I gave in for the sake of time but will be informing their...
  2. demnogis

    Visiting Tucson This Weekend...

    Figured I'd OC since you 'Zonies got constitutional carry and all... Any places I can't go while OC/CC ? And it is loaded... one not in the pipe?
  3. demnogis

    The correct LEO Response to Open Carry

    Last night I held a bit of an impromptu OC Meet & Greet with Romans116 (new member here). A couple others couldn't make it. We met up at Baja Fish Tacos in Lake Forest (right off the 405, near the OC SD sub-station). We hung out for about 2 hrs. While at the table eating dinner, a couple of...
  4. demnogis

    Orange County Open Carry Dinner, Weds 12/15/2010

    Who is in? I was thinking of riding to work, carrying, etc. Maybe getting some food after work around 5pm-6pm. I'm thinking near the District area in Irvine again... Or possibly at the Block in Orange? Location is open, time-frame is static. If you're interested, lets hear it.
  5. demnogis

    LGOC Ride tonight...

    FYI I will be long gun open carry tonight, riding from Irvine to Riverside. Let's see if I get pulled over!!! :D
  6. demnogis

    Open Carry article in OC Register

    imported post Unloaded guns in public is 2nd Amendment Cause So far not a bad article. Pretty straight down the line, neither for nor against. It lacks cites to CA PC, CCW issuance problems and a few other notes. If you want to crap your pants laughing, just read the comments. Those people...
  7. demnogis

    CA Legislature AB 1934 - Anti-Open Carry Bill

    imported post Currently in CA you cannot carry a loaded firearm in most all circumstances, which leaves most of us with Unloaded Open Carry. One of the State Assembly members here has been wanting to make it illegal even to possess an unloaded firearm as well. It looks like they finally...
  8. demnogis

    Another reason to Open Carry

    imported post Apparently part of our budget legislation last year included an Assembly Bill that mandates the release of something to the tune of 40,000 criminals who are deemed "non violent" and "low risk". There have been many law enforcement professionals detesting this as the system in CA...
  9. demnogis

    Moving to AZ from CA

    imported post So recent changes in CA have made it apparent that if I want my business to come to fruition, it cant be in California. Don't worry, I wont bring any of that hippie socialist crap with me. Basically I was hoping for a brief run-down of carry laws in AZ in contrast to CA. For 1 I...
  10. demnogis

    November 28th-29th Costa Mesa Gun Show

    imported post I'm not sure how many people are close to the Orange County Fairgrounds, but there is a Crossroads of the West show on the weekend of the 28th and 29th. Anyone interested in seeing what it would take to get a booth and/or hand out some CA OC pamphlets and fliers?
  11. demnogis

    I think I am going to resume UOCing.

    imported post I know, I always advise newcomers not to solo UOC. I think I'm going to have to stop echoing that thought because I am feeling that solo UOC for myself is a good idea (again). My ride in to work has become more and more hazardous. I enjoyed the days before where I could make a...
  12. demnogis

    626.9 Exemption request formation

    imported post This is a subject that is becoming discussed more and more. This thread should serve as our developmental initiative to form a request letter so that we may "blanket" our local school administrations with formal requests. If carrying within a school zone these letters will provide...
  13. demnogis

    Today's the day to OC

    imported post I just want to say Happy 4th of July to everyone! I would like to encourage everyone to carry today. UOC where it is legal to do so, LOC where it is legal to do so, CC if you've got your permit, and if you're in a prohibited area wear your empty holster in support! I will be too...
  14. demnogis

    4th LEO encounter!

    imported post I'm still coming off of the adrenaline rush... I'm (now) in my old hometown, visiting family. My dad and I registered for the RWVA shoot this whole weekend at Rauhaagauses (or however it is spelled). I head out at about 9PM. I get into town here, take my exit. Oh. Crap. In...
  15. demnogis

    Heading to West Hollywood

    imported post So a friend is having a birthday party in West Hollywood this evening. I have a very strong feeling that carrying to this event is not in the best interest of my friendship. I will, however, be carrying on the way there. My question is... If I ask the manager of the business to...
  16. demnogis

    Successful OC at Orange Mall/Sears

    imported post I know this may be a semi-useless post, but I thought it would be good nonetheless, since my last OC-at-a-mall experience was not the best. This time was much better. I had a few items I wanted to return to Sears at the Orange Mall, off of Tustin & Meats. I walked in, took care...
  17. demnogis

    Orange County OC Meet & Greet, Take 2.

    imported post Same place the first one was supposed to be at, Carrows off of Chapman in Orange. Saturday, June 20th ~5:00PM. Map: Google Maps Pleas PM with RSVPs! A phone number or e-mail addy would be great so I can send out reminders.
  18. demnogis

    Visiting Vegas, might OC, few questions about the strip

    imported post I may be heading out to Vegas with some friends for a weekend later this year. I did plan on OCing at some extent and I was curious if anyone would know if you could check your firearms for a receipt with casino security or any such thing? I've heard that many casinos don't allow...
  19. demnogis

    Texas 10th Amendmend Sovereignty

    imported post Congrats Texans! pt 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyfvjEJRKlc pt 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blgUvlqLOmE
  20. demnogis

    UOC in State/National parks in CA?

    imported post With all of this hoopla over concealed carry or loaded carry in National parks... I haven't been able to find an answer to this question... Can we UOC in state parks, or national parks here in CA? For instances... Joshua Tree Natl. Park? Sequoia Natl. Park? Yosemite Natl. Park...