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  1. JTHunter2

    A LONG time coming - - -

    After 40 years feeding at the public trough and 36 years as Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan has resigned !! As he is also under federal investigation so the question is whether or not he goes to trial. As he is in his late 70s (about the same age as Biden), that is debatable. Madigan has...
  2. JTHunter2

    Where is everybody??

    Do any of you have a reason that the activity level here has been so low of late? Is it because Biden is president (for now) and the outlook for our Second Amendment rights doesn't look particularly good?
  3. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    UPDATE: St. Louis prosecutor, Kim Gardiner, remove by Judge Thomas Clark for alleged "misconduct". He said: "her emailed solicitations for campaign contributions demonstrated she and her office have a personal interest in the case and jeopardized Mark McCloskeys’ right to a fair trial."...
  4. JTHunter2

    Biden investigation expands

    In addition to the investigation into Hunter Biden's financial dealings, they are now investigating Joe's younger brother, James. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/joe-bidens-brother-james-federal-probe
  5. JTHunter2

    The Electoral College - why it is necessary

    How many of you get and read Parade magazine in the Sunday papers? This past Sunday, the "Ask Marilyn" column had a great explanation as to why the electoral college is necessary. Enjoy !
  6. JTHunter2

    "Citizens" and government

    An interesting speech from an old movie. Comments?
  7. JTHunter2

    ISP Files "emergency rules" for FOID & CCL

  8. JTHunter2

    "Emergency regulations"??

    In this time of "national emergency", a review of certain "restrictions" on the government may be a good idea. This is from the "Inside NRA - ILA Report" from the May 2019 issue. Yes, I'm a bit behind on my reading but part of this article was almost prophetic. To wit:
  9. JTHunter2

    More than a "power grab"

    The City Council in Champaign, IL (home of the University of IL) voted today 9 - 0 to give the mayor extraordinary powers. These include the ability to stop sales of guns, ammo, gas (and other "flammables"), seize property, etc. Freaky scary...
  10. JTHunter2

    "Civil War"?

    According to Snopes (yeah, right), this was part of a speech given by somebody else. Even if true, it is still an interesting article. Dr. Jack Devere Minzey, born 6 October 1928, died 8 April 2018, was the Department Head of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific...
  11. JTHunter2

    London Bridge attacker

    None of the news reports I have heard or read have named the dead "terrorist", despite the fact that he has a long history with British law, including a stint in prison. Could it be that, based on the style of attack, the "powers that be" don't want to embarrass the current mayor of London as...
  12. JTHunter2

    Beto's speech gets "reviewed"

    Imagine somebody saying that a woman shouldn't have a gun to fight off a rapist because they would take it away and use it on them, that they should just "submit" and make the best of it? Imagine this same person stating that "citizens" should not have the right to oppose a tyrannical government?
  13. JTHunter2

    Pending legislation

    There was a thread that mentioned Senate Bill 1475, the DNA bill, elsewhere on this site. That thread was from back in February and March with no new information. I did a web search using that bill number and wasn't able to find anything about this bill since late February. Is there anybody...
  14. JTHunter2

    An Alternative to Youtube Censorship

    In the March 2019 issue of "American Hunter" was an article in the column "First Light" about the censorship and demonetization of almost any pro-2A channel. The article mentioned several sites for alternatives that might be of interest. The first two are NRA sponsored but have a variety of...
  15. JTHunter2

    Questions about Arizona costs

    Mods - if this doesn't belong here or is "inappropriate", go ahead and delete it. With luck, I may soon be able to get out of "Obama-land" and I am considering the Prescott area and I have some questions. Hopefully, some of you that live in that area can help me out. What I would like to find...
  16. JTHunter2

    "Assault Ban" in the State House

    It didn't take "Jabba the Hutt" very long to get some ridiculous legislation in the Legislature. Here's the wording of the bill...
  17. JTHunter2

    New bill in Senate

    Got this in an email from GOA. This is an update to earlier information.
  18. JTHunter2

    Judge calls out Hillary over emails

    Hhmm, this could get interesting. Judge Calls Clinton Emails One Of 'Gravest Modern Offenses To Government Transparency', Orders Further Fact-Finding On Thursday, a federal judge ordered further investigation into officials' handling of Hillary Clinton's private email server during her...
  19. JTHunter2

    Stan Lee - R.I.P.

    The comic book and character generating legend passed away today at 95 y.o. Stan's wife of almost 70 years, Joan. passed away July, 2017, also at the age of 95. Excelsior !!
  20. JTHunter2

    Where does YOUR state rank?

    Firearm ownership rates by states. Not too surprised but Alaska has the highest rate. https://www.alloutdoor.com/2018/10/24/how-armed-is-your-state/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2018-10-27&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter