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  1. ADulay

    MSP Airport carry

    Wanted to check with the Minnesota people to confirm that carrying of your personal sidearm is authorized inside the MSP airport (not the sterile area) when picking up and dropping off passengers for regular flights. I know I did it several years ago but with an upcoming trip I wanted to check...
  2. ADulay

    Rifle Open Carry Question

    All, A person recently asked me if it was legal to openly carry a rifle in Florida. After explaining the usual "handgun" exemptions for open carry, I started to think about it and said I wasn't sure. I know you can open carry a rifle (shotgun, bow, etc) in a vehicle with or without a...
  3. ADulay

    Time for Utah permit?

    Anyone have a rough idea of the time from processing of your credit card to receiving your Utah permit? (Non-Resident) Just going on a month now and was just wondering about it. AD
  4. ADulay

    Part Time Resident

    I have recently become part owner of a condo in Minnesota near Minneapolis and will be spending several months there during the year. I am a current and valid Florida CCW holder but as well you know, Florida and Minnesota do not reciprocate permits (Florida has the age 18 Military clause)...
  5. ADulay

    My thanks to those states

    All, Once again, my personal thanks to all of the states that allowed me to open carry my sidearm during this year's annual motorcycle trek out west. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana. We did have to...
  6. ADulay

    Open Carry is legal around the country

    All, Although I open carry on my motorcycle every day here in Florida, there comes a time in summer when I "must" head west for the annual Sturgis Extravaganza and I just returned from that venue. The relevant part of this is that I open carried every day, all day with ZERO problems, just...
  7. ADulay

    Tampa Open Carry Event July 11th

    For those of you who could not make this meeting, here's a very quick synopsis of what you missed. Just over 50 guys, all open carrying, showed up with fishing gear, donuts, coffee and a great attitude. No police anywhere near the place. Lots of civilian people fishing and no problems with...
  8. ADulay

    Slidell area OC

    All, I'll be in the Slidell area for a few days and just wanted to check to see if there have been any problems with the local PD with regards to open carry. I've been OC for the last three years or so and am familiar with "normal" OC protocol around most areas that I frequent. I also...
  9. ADulay

    Six State Open Carry Trip Report

    All, Just finished up a very nice, six state motorcycle trip up through Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. All open carry states! As the motorcycle was all packed up for an extended camping trip, I was able to open carry up through Florida and into Georgia...
  10. ADulay

    Another "Got Pulled over while open carrying" thread

    All, For those of you who are relatively new here in the Florida section, I'm an open carry advocate and practitioner. What the means is that I open carry every day and ride a motorcycle in the process, which makes me a very visible part of the open carry movement. With this in mind, I do...
  11. ADulay

    Florida Bank Carry

    All, As this subject seems to come up on a few of the other forums with amazing regularity, I'll just add this small anecdote from today. Had to go to the local bank to update some information on the account to add another co-signer. As I was coming from the shooting range to the bank...
  12. ADulay

    Open Carry Vacation

    All, Just got back home from my annual Sturgis motorcycle run and western states vacation. As I open carry daily here in Florida, but with the usual restrictions, it was a very welcome change to just be able to put the gun on and go about my daily business in the several states that we...
  13. ADulay

    Open Carry Traffic Stop

    All, I'll try to be brief with this one as I'll just assume all of us are on FCC also and I've already posted up the details there, but for those who only come in here, this is what happened today! First off, I open carry daily. Yes, every day. It's my "thing". Some people play tennis...
  14. ADulay

    So we're all on the same page

    All, I hate to make identical posts on two forums but I wanted to make sure that everyone who is working on anything involving Open Carry is on the same page when it comes to the Florida Statutes. Here's the updated webpage relating to FS 790.25...
  15. ADulay

    Traveling Through Your State

    I'm sure this has been covered before but bringing up some searches didn't pull anything up. As we'll be on our annual 'out west' trip again after Sturgis, I would like to know if there will be any problems with us carrying our normal CCW/OC guns in California? Yes, they will be unloaded and...
  16. ADulay

    Out of stater OC in PA?

    imported post OK, I asked this in the Ohio forums and the answer was yes, for me to OC in Ohio as a Florida CCW holder. Now it would appear that I'll be in some counties near Pittsburgh coming up in April and was wondering the same thing. Is it legal for an out of state CCW holder to open...
  17. ADulay

    Still another Ohio OC question for out of staters

    imported post Sorry to be a pest but I'm still not sure as to whether the Ohio OC statutes apply to everyone in the state, or just residents of Ohio. I have the CCW for Florida and carry concealed in Ohio pretty much anytime I'm there. Just have to make sure it's "OK" to OC in Ohio as a...
  18. ADulay

    Reciprocity question

    imported post As I visit my brother in Ohio several times a year, I naturally expected to be able to OC in Northern Ohio. After reading the following paragraph in the Ohio CCS pdf, I came across this.... [line] Reciprocity Ohio has agreements with other states to recognize one another’s...