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Search results

  1. J-SiN

    losing the carry right with Wells Fargo corporate

    for years it had been my understanding that Wells Fargo did in fact allow open carry in their branches here in NC. A few months back I noticed a NO WEAPONS sign at a branch in LOCUST NC I called the District manager and informed him this was the ONLY branch that had the sign. He made some calls...
  2. J-SiN

    Wells Fargo change their rules?

    havent been active on the forum in a while not long ago I would pride myself in open carrying into my bank wells fargo as they ALLOWED carrying concealed or open The other day at the LOCUST NC I noticed a NO FIREARMS/WEAPONS sign! what?? did they change their policy? the monroe branch does not...
  3. J-SiN

    What would you do?

    I was at the bank today and it crossed my mind. What would you do if you had a holster malfunction Mind you I have a nice $35 paddle holster I just wondered what would be appropriate if the plastic broke or the screw broke Any malfunction that would cause it to call off, AND you would have to...
  4. J-SiN

    Wells Fargo oc

    Anyone ever had an issue? I've carried twice , get some weird looks But just wondered if anyone has had trouble Or called the corporate office etc?
  5. J-SiN

    Sc beach for weekend , what's the gun laws?

    Heading to garden city for he weekend I know sc is not open carry so what do I do? I don't have a ccw Anyone familiar ?
  6. J-SiN

    Charlotte/concord/Matthews area carry and eat?

    Anyone want to have a little carry meet and greet? I understand charlotte is taboo but I like to exercise my rights!
  7. J-SiN

    No firearms sign apply to Leo private business?

    More of a law question. The other night at local bar That I despise because of it's no firearms sign I notice 3 men plain clothes open carry walk in Within a short time I realized it was ALE Now without making some huge debate I pondered The laws and legality here DOES it or DOES it not apply...
  8. J-SiN

    OC rifle or shotgun legal nc

    I was reading the flyer and I noticed it states you can carry a handgun Let's say you were going to travel to a firing range for the shot heard around The country April 19th at noon. What if you wanted to ride your Harley ? Is it legal to openly strap your shotgun or rifle to your back and...
  9. J-SiN

    Charlotte meet and greet 5/4

    care to try again? last time wasnt enough response
  10. J-SiN

    Firearms and Felons , whats legal , whats illegal

    After much searching I have some unanswered questions that hopefully someone here can touch on. 1. Can a felon live in someones elses house that legally owns a firearm? 2. Can I felon visit someones house that owns a firearm 3. Can a woman ( that carries a gun) marry a felon and keep a firearm...
  11. J-SiN

    Video of man arrested for carrying a gun with concealed permit

    WOW I sure hope NC isnt like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkclsB7M0g4
  12. J-SiN

    Charlotte/Matthews/Indian Trail/Monroe OC meet and eat?

    Mentioned it a couple times having an OC meet and dinner at a nice OC friendly restaraunt in the area Had a couple people interested Would like to set a time and place. any ideas or interest?
  13. J-SiN

    How is this legal? Anyone attending?

    Few of us are going to this 2nd amendment support rally Organizers say open carry friendly , curious how that's possible When no firearms are allowed to any picket line or demonstration Maybe they have permission from property owners? Will that make it acceptable...
  14. J-SiN

    Any interest in a charlotte OC meet for dinner?

    Been on the board several months , havent seen much goin on around Charlotte. Anyone interested in OCing for dinner at a restaurant we can legally carry? Ideas on place to eat? and a date to have it?
  15. J-SiN

    calm pro gun activist vs councilman *video*

    This is very interesting to watch , http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kKpLhNiC8zg
  16. J-SiN

    OC in vehicle as passenger and drinking

    OK so not that IM some irresponisble drunk riding around with a pistol. But there are often questions asked in which I can not locate the answer. What is the law concerning lets say you are riding with a perfectly sober driver in the passenger seat of their car. You had drank lets say 4-5...
  17. J-SiN

    Firearm laws concerning Felons

    Was brought up in discussion with a friend who served 2 years for invol manslaughter I have a legal firearm purchased with valid permit from the local sheriff no felonies for me but, I invited him to my house to do some target shooting and he made several statements in which I would like to...
  18. J-SiN

    concealed permit question

    Im learning fast that there is a LOT of wrong information being spewed I was talking with a guy today and he says to me "dont get your CCW" he then explains to me that if you get pulled and are a ccw holder they can search you and your car without a warrant and that having the ccw gives them...
  19. J-SiN

    Anyone for a Charlotte meet?

    Anyone interested in meeting for oc meal at a friendly restaurant And excercise our right soon this month sometime? I have a party of 3 Open to suggestions for time and place
  20. J-SiN

    hoe many people can legally OC together

    One of my friends that has his concealed said that if 3 or more people OC they MUST all 3 have concealed permits I did not see this addressed on the flyer and wanted to see if anyone knows? IM in Union County Monroe area