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  1. LeMat

    Guns on campus could end nuke research at ISU...

    http://keci.m0bl.net/r/1tn2re #NBCMT
  2. LeMat

    Carrying in a restaurant that has a bar in a separate room....

    I know this has been brought up before, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. Can one CC in a restaurant that has a bar in a separate room if one stays in the restaurant area? There are restaurants that are pretty delineated between the bar and eating area. Little cloudy on this...
  3. LeMat

    Anybody at Depot Park (Kalispell) today?

    Just wondering if any if you were at Depot Park today. Wanted to go, but work got in the way.
  4. LeMat

    Is it me..........

    imported post .......... or am I the only one who absolutely cannot stand the General Discussion section of the forum? I'm pretty sure I've never read more idiotic tripe in my life, but then again, I haven't been to Glock Talk in a little while............. :lol:
  5. LeMat

    Hey 40s-and-wfan..........

    imported post Were you on The Edge yesterday (Monday)?
  6. LeMat

    What Are Montanan's Carrying?

    imported post Show us what's on your hip! Kimber Custom Classic (born in 1996) sheltered in Rafter S gunleather.
  7. LeMat

    Bigfork Defensive Pistol

    imported post This is my first post here, but I thought I'd start off by inviting folks to come shoot with us. I'd like to invite folks here to come shoot Defensive Pistol with us at the Bigfork Gun Club this summer. We use IDPA rules and generally shoot from concealment. I used to run IDPA...