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  1. tcmech

    Who needs a gun at 7-11?

    I have not seen this posted yet, I do apologize if I missed it. http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/va_beach/clerk-shoots-attempted-robbery-suspect
  2. tcmech

    Coming to Texas next week

    I will only be visiting on business for a couple of days and was planning to bring my little friend with me, what are the laws regarding carry in Austin? Establishments that serve alcohol, school zones, etc. that I may need to pay attention to what I am doing? Thanks, Craig
  3. tcmech

    Visiting Florida

    I will be visiting Florida in December and I just want to make sure I understand the rules before I show up. I know that open carry is not legal and I need a permit. I have a permit from Virginia so I do not believe that is an obstacle. My questions are about where is it not legal to carry...
  4. tcmech

    who needs a gun in Newport News

    Just one more reason to be armed at home. http://www.myfitv.com/videos/847235/wtkr-hampton-roads-shooting-victim-dies-in-newport-news-home-invasion
  5. tcmech

    Voice Recording?

    I plan on coming to visit some family members next month and intend to bring my little friend with me. I intend to carry the glock around with me but I wanted to check on the laws regarding voice recorders. I am specifically interested in what are the rules concerning recording without first...
  6. tcmech

    Hospital Carry?

    imported post Just a quick background here. I grew up in Indiana and moved away when I was 18. It has been 26 years since I lived there but many of my relatives still do. Including my mother who ended up in ICU at the Lutheran Hospital in Ft. Wayne last week. I went home to visit her and...
  7. tcmech

    What would you do

    imported post Yesterday while I was buying the last couple pieces of vacuum hose I needed to finish the intake manifold change on my car one of my favorite counter guys noticed I was carrying a gun. I have known this guy for a couple of years and through a casual conversation I found out I was...
  8. tcmech

    Best Defense

    imported post I just watched an episode of best defense I recorded on 3/17 and at the end of it Micheal Baine said he has started open carrying in the national forrest. He stated he felt it was important for the predators to know that the prey was armed, not sure what the exact quote was...