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  1. The Trickster

    State Parks

    According to the AZ State Parks website: "Q: Is carrying a firearm legal in Arizona State Parks? A: Carrying a firearm inside any of our park's buildings is restricted (ARS 13-3102). Secondly, Arizona State Parks Rule R12-8-119 can restrict the carrying of a weapon outdoors. We do not ban...
  2. The Trickster

    Senate OKs bill to let retired officers carry guns in bars

    PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona Senate committee has passed a measure that would allow retired police officers to carry firearms into bars. Republican Rep. Sonny Borrelli sponsored the measure that would allow retired sheriffs and police officers who served at least 10 years and were honorably...
  3. The Trickster

    Visiting Vegas from Arizona

    I'll be staying on the Strip for a couple of days and nights next month and I was curious if anyone could provide some basic dos and don'ts for me to keep in mind. I have an AZ CC permission slip which, to my understanding, is honored by Nevada for those times when I so feel like CCing. Thanks...
  4. The Trickster

    Tribal Land

    While I am aware that tribal lands are considered sovereign nations and as such, many have their own prohibitions concerning the possession of firearms, I am curious as to whether or not those of us who are not tribal members have any sort of "right of passage" while passing through? That is, if...
  5. The Trickster

    Gilbert Council changes policy, allows guns in public buildings

    Gilbert Council changes policy, allows guns in public buildings Jonathan Reid, The Republic | azcentral.com 10:39 a.m. MST December 22, 2014 Gun owners with a state permit can now carry a concealed firearm inside all Gilbert public buildings, reversing a previous policy that made such deadly...
  6. The Trickster

    Gilbert Constitution Fair

    Did anyone attend this event? If so, did they restrict carry? I wanted to go but could not attend due to work-related drudgery.
  7. The Trickster

    Expandable Baton

    In addition to carrying a pistol and folding knife, I have recently started to carry an expandable baton in my pocket on occasion. Does anyone else here do this to supplement their pistol? My logic in doing so is that there may be a situation which requires a little more than I can muster with...
  8. The Trickster

    Tempe Town Lake Fireworks

    Does anyone know if Tempe will be restricting the rights of the citizenry to exercise their Second Amendment rights while at Tempe Town Lake on the 4th? As I recall, in subsequent years they have claimed to have the authority to prohibit firearms.
  9. The Trickster

    Sky Harbor Airport: Random Vehicle Searches???

    I had to drop off my wife at Sky Harbor today and while there, I noticed signs stating that random vehicle searches may be conducted. Did I miss something, or is the Fourth Amendment still on the books? Has anyone ever heard of any of these searches actually taking place? If so, details please.
  10. The Trickster

    Apache Junction McDonald's No Guns Policy

    Upon discovering the sign posted at the McDonald's at 2383 w. Apache Trail, 85220, I sent a complaint to corporate concerning the sign/policy since I was under the impression that all franchised locations must follow the corporate policies of McDonald's and concerning firearms, they follow...
  11. The Trickster

    Barsony Holsters

    I'm looking to go with a leather rig for OC and even CC and I came across this Barsony holster and dual mag. holder for my Glock 21: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400438213677?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I like everything about it but am always leery about ordering...
  12. The Trickster

    Convicted Felon Around Gun Owner?

    A family member on my wife's side will soon be relocating to Arizona and he is a convicted felon who will be on parole for a number of years yet to come. Due to his relation to my wife, contact between him and I will be unavoidable. This presents a unique situation for me as up until this point...
  13. The Trickster

    Rights on Public College Campuses?

    Concerning colleges and universities that are publicly funded here in Arizona, my understanding is that I can leave my pistol secured in my vehicle but cannot carry while on the campus. Is this true? If so, can anyone cite a statute? I am starting school at a Maricopa County community college in...
  14. The Trickster

    Sprouts Farmers Market

    For those who may not be aware, although not posted at any of their stores, Sprouts Farmers Market is not friendly to any mode of carry. This was their response to my inquiry: "Thank you for taking the time to share thoughts ideas about our decision to prohibit firearms in our stores. Please...
  15. The Trickster

    Businesses Confused with ARS 4-229

    It seems to me that many businesses here in Arizona that wish to refuse service to those of us who lawfully carry are confused concerning ARS 4-229. That is, many who do no sell alcohol post signage referencing the statute even though it has absolutely nothing to do with them since they do not...
  16. The Trickster

    Restaurants in Mesa/Gilbert that are okay with carry?

    Looking to expand my personal list of eateries in the East Valley (Mesa/Gilbert area) that are okay with OC/CC. Any suggestions? I'm also interested in writing to those who have a problem with it, so feel free to share them with me as well if you'd like. Thanks.
  17. The Trickster

    Anti-gun Insurance Co. State Farm

    Noticed this as I entered a State Farm building last Friday here in Arizona. I don't do business with anti-gun companies, but I let it slide this time since it's costing them tens of thousands of dollars due to the fool that they are insuring who cannot drive.
  18. The Trickster


    In all the years that I have lived in Arizona, I have never been through a DUI checkpoint, although I have been through many Border Patrol checkpoints. Despite the fact that I feel they are a suspicionless intrusion into our lives which lack any probable cause to be constitutional, they are a...
  19. The Trickster

    Possible Move

    So there's a possibility that I may be moving to Colorado sometime in the next year or two. More than likely, it would be in the Denver area; probably one of the 'burbs and not actually Denver itself. I don't know much about Colorado gun laws, other than that apparently OC is illegal in the...
  20. The Trickster

    Murder Rates: United States vs. Europe Argument

    All too often enough, whenever I am "debating" my extremely pro-gun stance with anti's, I get the whole, "Europe has strict gun control and the murder rates over there are really low compared to the US" argument thrown at me. While I do have some normal counterarguments to this, I am wondering...