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  1. Q

    East Town Mall MGR bombarding me

    I sent in an e-mail to the property office, attn to Rudy McCarthy Leasing Representative Zamias Services, Inc. (814) 532-6112 ph (814) 242-6264 cell rmccarthy@zamias.net Now I am getting bombarded with e-mails from Barb Morris, Property Manager...
  2. Q

    East Town Mall posted

    Posted no concealed weapons! How dumb is this? I tried to attach the photo using my HTC, obviously it did not work! At any rate, I did e-mail the property mgr: Good day Ma’am, I was recently at east Town on 15DEC2011 and had noticed signs on the doors prohibiting “Concealed Weapons” on the...
  3. Q

    Talked to MGR @ Bay Park Square

    Let's just say that he had no interest in hearing ANY kind of logic! I "played dumb" when I inquired about the entrances being posted also about the signs that are in the parking lot, stating "We enforce all Ashwaubenon Public Safety ordances" I informed him that OC has been legal in WI for...
  4. Q

    My favorite watering hole is NOT posted

    A local "Gin Joint" here in Green Bay is not (at this time) going to "Post No Weapons". I am good friends with the MGR, he stated to me and I quote "we originally went with no weapons , we have reconsidered it and now just remind the people who are carrying it is against the law to consume...
  5. Q

    GBPD & GBFD Proposed Policy Concerning Firearms

    On WBAY, a TV station in Green Bay, reps from both the Green Bay Police and Fire Dept commented about how their are going to handle a situation where an individual/s are in need of medical treatment and being a CCW holder and armed, requiring him/her to be transported via ambulance. They stated...
  6. Q

    Clairfication needed

    I have been stuck in a dark and dank place with limited access to current events, most specifically the "emergency rules" put out by the DOJ. Does a DD214 w/Honorable Discharge qualify as "Training"? Thanks!
  7. Q

    Attempted armed roddery in Green Bay

    This incident happened just blocks from my home! And some people think GB is a safe community...BLAH BLAH BLAH. Oh, notice that the report "where a hand gun was brandished"... No it was displayed for unlawful purposes! Community Message has been issued by the Green Bay Police Department...
  8. Q

    Racine Co Sheriff "Gets it"!

    http://www.wrn.com/2011/06/racine-co-sheriff-downplays-impact-of-concealed-carry/ "Schmaling says his deputies, and most law enforcement, already train to handle every encounter as if a weapon could be involved. As a result, he believes there will be little change in how his officers deal with...
  9. Q

    Frozen Custard Meet Up @ Zestys?

    I propose a Frozen Custard w/your Family, Dog & of course you OC firearm of choice! Where: http://www.zestyscustard.com/ That's Zesty's on Riverside Drive just South of the Boat Launch and Dairy Queen PM me if you will be there, I say around 6ish! See ya there...Oh and by the way, if you've...
  10. Q

    Under current Law, Bicycleing & OC'n

    This may or may not have been discussed here, however, I am unable to locate the information, or am too lazy! Probably the latter, any rate, I want to know if I ride my bicycle right here in WI, legal or not? If not, please explain for myself and others. Thank you!
  11. Q

    Conversation w/Freedom WI LEO

    Went to Field of Scenes Drive in Freedom last night, where we had to wait to get in. While waiting, I had a brief conversation w/a LEO about SB93 and OC as it is now. One issue he said he would cite an individual for, violating 941.237, even though the individual had consent. His issue was w/the...
  12. Q

    IWB Question

    I need to know if IWB is legal, if so please provide the link where I can view it. Specifically WI State Law or Case Law, as I DO NOT want any mis-information, further more Wiki-crap is not a source I trust, back in the day I used to go round and round w/Doug on that fact. Thanks for your help!
  13. Q

    Letter from Sen Dave Hansen

    I did call Hansens' office to discuss the recent Bill's coming up, the "right" person was not there to take all of my comments. (interns) I did receive a written response: Dear Mr.Johnson Thank you for contacting me regarding your support of legislation that would allow people to carry...
  14. Q

    OC @ Shouth Shore Park in Milw

    On Sunday, my Wife, Daughter our dog and myself got together w/my Mom and her 2 dogs (all American Pit Bull Terriers) and took a really nice walk along the Lake Shore on Milwaukee's South Side. There were hundreds of people out and about enjoying the nice weather. Upon arrival, we all...
  15. Q

    OC'd at Bay Park

    OC'd at Bay Park Mall today w/ my 3yo Daughter, was there for about 2 1/2 hrs. No issues, got a hell of alot of long stares, though no contact from Security and no issues. We were sitting in the food court, my Daughter insisted that we sit at the Kiddie tables (right by the Merry-Go-Round) It...
  16. Q

    Doing an ORR? Do not forget this!

    The advent of technology is constantly evolving, as I have found out that my local PD has now installed video & audio to nearly all their squad cars. Also, State Patrol has them as well, these units are turned on several ways, manually or by the emergency lights and siren. I am not for sure at...
  17. Q

    Pledge of Alegiance by Red Skelton

    Thought I'd pass this one along. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZBTyTWOZCM
  18. Q

    OC and Winter carry.

    I was searching for an alternative for winter OC'n my Blackhawk CQC Level 2 SERPA holster just does not hang low enough and it is cumbersome to have to tuck my jacket around it not to mention it compromises my ability to access it if necessary. Blackhawk makes a Tactical drop leg holster, at...
  19. Q

    Personal Recording

    I carry an Olympus VN-6200 PC. I was at the gas station last night when a car pulled in, dropped of a very intoxicated drunk black female. She was so intoxicated that she could not walk straight for 2'. The clerk decided to call the local PD, 3 squads show up, 1 female and 2 males. The female...
  20. Q

    Q: What is so wrong w/ "Training"?

    Specifically, what is the "Root" issue with "Training"? I have shared my views and opinions here and have been blasted at by several of the "Regulars" I have a strong opposition to "Mandated and/or Regulated" training. With one exception, that an individual "qualify" with his or her own weapon...