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  1. Sc0tt

    Felons With CHP's

    Interesting article on Think Progress http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2011/12/27/395461/half-of-north-carolina-concealed-carry-permit-holders-with-felony-convictions-keep-their-permit/ Thoughts?
  2. Sc0tt

    Its kind of scary the first time.

    Im talking about the first time a LEO tells you he's going to be looking for you and he going to throw you in jail. Heres what happened: I was in randelman and had stoped at the McDonalds to get a Tea. There were three Randelman LEO's and 1 RCSO (randolph county sherrifs) there. I stoped and...
  3. Sc0tt

    Legal Carry on your own property...!?!?

    The first question is: I am allowed to CC on my own property w/o a CHP, but am I legally required to notify an officer of my carrying if approached, and the 2nd part is that what does my premisis refer to If I live in a rooming house is my premisis my room only or can I carry anywhere on the...
  4. Sc0tt

    NC Trunk Carry Law

    FROM: http://www.sunstatessecurity.com/Our-Company/News.aspx?id=20 One of the companys I part time for had this on the news letter. I knew this bill was going through the legislator last time I posted but I have not heard anything on it passing. Does anyone know if this bill has passed and if...
  5. Sc0tt

    2A Lawyers

    I need to know if anyone knows of any good lawyers who are 2A knowledgeable. For privacy reasons I am not posting details.
  6. Sc0tt

    9-11 Hereos are Terrorist ?!?!?!?!

    The post 9-11 congress was more than happy to exploit the attacks on America to pass legislation such as the patriot act quickly and without question but it has taken them over 9 years to pass a bill giving financial aid to first responders who got sick from the toxic smoke and debris of the...
  7. Sc0tt

    To take a stand or not....

    I have to get up with an local city LEO for a police report soon. This one pituclar officer always ask people to disarm simply to talk to him. My last conversation with him went like this: (And I have it recorded) So should I stand on pricable this next time if he ask me to disarm and tell...
  8. Sc0tt

    Greensboro OC Meet-Up

    Weather is getting nicer and it has been a while since there was a meet-up in the Greensboro area. So I was wondering who would be interested in either a cookout or meeting at a restaurant in the Greensboro area in the next week or 2?
  9. Sc0tt

    NC OC Pamplets

    Due to a printing numerical mistake on my part, I have way to many of the NC OC pamphlets. SO if anyone would like a couple PM me and I will mail some to you at no cost (unless you want a ton of them then I may ask for help on the shipping) Thanks guys/gals!
  10. Sc0tt

    Retention Holser for S&W SD-9

    Does anyone know of a good retention holster for the S&W SD-9. (preferably a paddle).
  11. Sc0tt

    Recomend me a gun?!?!?!

    I was going to put down on a SW Sigma 9mm Full size Kit (Came with 2 mags + holder / holster / hard-case / speed loader) for around $600. The store had a 10 month layaway but I am planning to pay it off in 2-4 months. I have been reading online and not many people have anything good to say about...
  12. Sc0tt

    Tell me about NICS

    I am a bit confused about NICS. I know its an instant background check that determins ones eleigibilty to purchase a firearm. But when does a dealer run one. From what I heard to today if you bring in your purchase permit from the SO then that is all they need and they dont have to run your...
  13. Sc0tt

    Need advice before tommorow

    I'm looking to put a new gun on layaway tomorrow. Its a S&W Sigma 9mm Full Size (Kit) Does anyone have any thing good or bad to say about these? Any first hand experience? Recommendations?
  14. Sc0tt

    SECU. Who's Brave Enough?

    So SECU (at least everyone I have ever been too) only have a "No conceled handguns allowed sign" Now I have heard many a people both at the meets and on the site saying you can OC in these places. So.... Who Has? How did it go over? Personally I disarm every time, because I know people in my...
  15. Sc0tt

    posted conspicuously?

    So I was in the waffle house in Hillsborogh (yeah I get around) paying for the meal I just ate when the customer behind me ask what I'm carrying. I looked back and told him, and a small conversation about gun rights insuded (A real friendly guy) The manager walked over and asked me what he...
  16. Sc0tt

    Does it make you fell big?

    I was at the sheetz in Raleigh on thornoton rd today. I went back to my car to get my wallett when I and the man next to me had this conversation: [Just a FYI, I was between jobs wearing a goverment hoodie and ball cap] Now, I know that I most defintily could of handeled this better but I...
  17. Sc0tt

    Couple Questions...

    First: Everyone here is a fan of voice recorders and I even have one, but in the state of NC do you have to have the consent of both parties or do they have to be informed they are being recorded, what are the laws around this issue? Secound: Durring a traffic stop, or any Terry stop can the...
  18. Sc0tt

    What do you carry?

    So the question is what do you carry, And Im not just talking firearm, whats in your pockets? I carry a Hi Point Model CF380 w. Federal PD .380 ACP JHP Ammo (8 Rounds) and an additional 10 rd clip of the same. In a Foubus Paddle hostler In my pockets I keep: My Wallet A cell Phone Keys...
  19. Sc0tt

    No longer confident OCing in my own city

    So last week I was arrested for "Resisting a Public Officer" by pulling away while a local officer was trying to illegally search me (Not OCing at the time). Ive got my date in court but the exspernce has had an interesting effect. I no longer feel comfortable OCing in my own city. After...
  20. Sc0tt

    Greensboro OC Meetup

    WHEN: Saterday, December 11th At 12 Noon Where: Stameys Restaurant 2206 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC Google Maps...