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    Condalisa Rice OC'ing at Seatac

    imported post A friend that works at Seatac always calls me when they see famous people at the airport. Last weekend they saw Condalisa Rice getting on a plane while open carrying. Question: How is shelegally allowed to carry on anairplane? Are ex-cabinet members deputized or made US marshals's?
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    Sportsmens Warehouse Federal Way - Ammo in Stock

    imported post Well its not Sportsmens Warehouse anymore, butI can't remember the new name. On friday they had probably a hundred or twoboxes of 9mm, 38 sp, 40sw. Federal American Eagle. 9mm was 12.99. 38sp was 15.99. They had 9mm in 115 and 124gr. Guy behind the counter seemed to think they'd...
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    FS: Serpa Holster Glock Left Handed

    imported post Left Hand Glock Serpa Holster - 20 bucks. Located. West Seattle to Renton.
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    Police explain startling sight at Hamilton Viewpoint (West Seattle)

    imported post Police explain startling sight at Hamilton Viewpoint May 11, 2009 at 12:59 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle police | A few notes came in late Sunday night asking about an earlier incident involving police and a possible armed suspect at Hamilton Viewpoint (map). Southwest...
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    Alki Beach Shooting

    imported post Shooting victim on Alki suffers 'life-threatening injuries' By Rose Egge May 2, 2009 updated 7 hours ago Last night, at approximately 7:30 p.m., a young male, reportedly in his late-teens, was shot on Alki Beach just across the street from Pepperdocks restaurant. According to...
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    Drugs and Guns

    imported post So I was watching that new DEA show on the tube the other day and something that one of the DEA Agents said catch my attention. Long story short. They're in a "suspected dealers " house looking for pot, find the pot and find a gun. Guy says 'yea that's my gun, it registered in my...
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    Mayor To Announce Gun Restrictions On Seattle City Property

    imported post SEATTLE -- Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has called a news conference where he is expected to announce restrictions on concealed weapons on city property. Nickels has said the restriction is needed because of a shooting at last month's Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center that...
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    Open Carry At the Dept of Licensing

    imported post I was curious if anyone had any experience withOC'ing at the D.O.L.? Ijust spent two hours there trying to geta vehicle registered (Bleep Bleep Bleep!). Didn't OC, I usually have enough problems with them.
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    Police: Mom shot kids, carried gun on campus

    imported post Louisville, KENTUCKY (AP)[/b] -- A mother killed her two children Thursday and then went to the nearby college she attended and brandished a gun before handing the weapon to a health counselor, police said. The threat at the University of Louisville ended with no injuries about...
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    Washington FACTS..

    imported post What do you guys think about putting a sticky on the Washington forum with all the Facts... ~Open carry is legal.. RCW @#$% ~Carryof aloaded gun in your car is legal with CCW.. ~Open carry of rifle, not illegal, not legal, see case studies blah blah and blah blah. Use your...
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    Bellingham + Tasers?

    imported post I've got a friend who lives in bellingham that was pulled over last night. Cop asks if there were any weapons in the car. Friend said there was a taser in the glove box. My taser, technically a "stun gun", whichI left in his glovebox. Cop takes it, says its illegal in the city...
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    Men Say Police Ignoring Attack By Armed Thugs

    imported post MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- Two men said they were attacked by a group of armed men in Ravensdale and then ignored by the King County Sheriff's Office when they reported the assault, reported KIRO 7 Eyewitness News. The assault happened on public land known as the Ravensdale Flats...
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    What kind of firearm training do Police go through?

    imported post Does anyone know what kind of training classes cops are required to take? Range time required per month?
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    XD Sub Compact Ankle Holster?

    imported post Any body use one? What brand?You like it? Or maybe a mini glock, there about the same size.
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    Rifle Carry

    imported post I've got the handgun carry down. But what the laws on carrying a rifle? Is open carry of a rifle legal? Unload/Loaded? Is conceal carry of a rifle legal? Unload/Loaded? (yes i realize it would be hard to conceal a rifle). What about having a rifle loaded in your truck? To do...
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    Buying a gun.. They forget the paper work.

    imported post About a week ago I go to buy a new rifle, they didn't have it so they special ordered it. Gun came in last night. I go to pick it up, the gun is already paid for, show them my receipt and walk out... No paper work, no phoning it in,no background check, nothing. I kept my mouth...
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    Road Rage... Bad News!

    imported post This happen to a friend of mine the other day, I don't have all the details but I thought I'd throw it on the board. My friend, call her Susie, is driving home the other day on 518, a short highway in South Seattle. A car races up next to her and cuts her off, she honks. The guy...
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    Alki Beach

    imported post Violent brawl on Alki has residents worried SEATTLE - A public brawl that broke out overnight Saturday at Alki Beach has neighbors saying something needs to be done to stop the violence. Neighbors say it's not the first time people have thrown punches along the popular beach in...
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    Man hospitalized after West Seattle shooting

    imported post Man hospitalized after West Seattle shooting By Christina Siderius Seattle Times staff reporter A South Seattle Community College student is in serious condition after being shot several times Thursday night in West Seattle, possibly because of a dispute over a ring, according...
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    Man arrested in shooting death of local cab driver

    imported post SEATTLE (AP) - A trail of pennies led to the home of a teenager charged with killing a taxi driver and setting his cab afire, King County sheriff's deputies said Wednesday. Earnest Lenell Collins Jr., 18, charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of Jagit Singh, a driver...