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    2019 Special Session Bills Starting to Appear

    The Wow, talk about friendly fire. 1. The gun grabbers want to turn every member here and at Arfcom into a felon. These threads are coordinating information sharing vital to participating in the civil legislative process. 2. The OP at arfcom wants the info shared and has explicitly said so...
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    Upcoming Revere's Riders Events in NV

    I'd like to share info about a few upcoming classes in Las Vegas hosted by Revere's Riders. Revere's Riders is a 501C3 non-profit affiliated with the NRA & CMP. Our mission is to promote the shooting sports, American history, and civic engagement. Link...
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    Firearms in Inyo County (and Death Valley NP)

    I'm guessing you get lots of questions from out of staters, but I did a search and could not find the answer. The last time I was in Cali was years ago when UOC was still a thing. I see that the legislature has greatly complicated this. I am travelling to Death Valley NP for a short trip and...
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    Travel to CT

    My family is looking at traveling to, among other places, CT over the holidays to visit friends and family. Obviously being armed on long road trips is a good thing. Regrettably, CT does not honor any other state's CWPs and we are non-residents. Doubly regrettably, CT's laws suck tremendously...
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    State College

    Hello, I am traveling up to State College on a football weekend this fall. I've reviewed PA law and while there is no law forbidding carry on campus, I understand that Penn State asks people to not bring weapons. So obviously I will not OC on campus so as to avoid a trespassing charge. Any...
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    Visiting Hampton Roads -- Any issues to be aware of?

    Hello, I'll be visiting Suffolk, VA soon and wanted to know if anyone is aware of any OC issues there. - I reviewed the VCDL and OCDO pamphlets stickied here. - I reviewed Handgunlaw.us and linked to the VA statutes to understand the "no go" areas. - I read the last few pages of the 240 page...
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    OC in Augusta Chik-Fil-A = no problems

    Last month I OC'd my 4" stainless revolver in Chik-Fil-A on the way to Atlanta airport for a hunting trip. It was noticed by a few including the manager but no issues whatsoever. Also OC'd at a gas station or two (forget which), also no problems, including a quick run into the convenience...
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    Asheboro -- Issues to be aware of?

    I'm visiting Asheboro, NC in the near future and am looking forward to OCing. I've reviewed the NC state law. Is anyone aware of Asheboro local/muni issues or attempts to buck pre-emption? I found their muni code and found provisions about discharging weapons as well as carrying in...