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    CCTV Girl Open Carry Video Recording Devices for LEO encounters

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4RIOrKPm2E Members of SBOC (Sounthbayopencarry.org) will receive a 15% discount on products from the Hollywood Spy Shop. This includes all Covert Hidden Spy Camera Recording Devices, Spy Equipment, GPS Tracking Systems, and all Home and Business CCTV Security...
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    Are there any OC 'ers in the Hollywood area or close by?

    I live in Hollywood and would like to know other OC'er like me in the area. I am near Korean town, Downtown LA, Glendale, Eagle Rock, Studio City, West Hollywood, Los Feliz. Thanks.
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    Use this map tool to accurately measure 1000 ft from a school

    I found this easy to use map tool tool that you can use to measure distance from one point to another. Its easier to use that google map. Its http://www.zonums.com/gmaps/maptool.php on the top left you'll see a drop down box that says "get/tool>>" Click on that and select "distance (feet)"...
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    Open carry with high capacity mags purchased pre-banned

    I've tried searching the forum but coul'nt find and answer to my question. I live in Hollywood, CA and want to UOC with 2 15rd magazines. Gun plus the 2 mags were purchased pre-banned in 1996 so I know I can own them. Does anyone know if its legal to OC with these mags or do I have to carry 10...
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    As of Today July 22, 2010 can I stll open carry in Los Angeles California?

    As of Today July 22, 2010 can I stll open carry in Los Angeles California? I live in Hollywood, CA in Los Angeles. Does anybody know If I can still open carry as of today in Los Angeles? Also Hollywood is Incorporated. I've read that Open carry is legal in California only in unincorporated areas...