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    Facebook troll accusations

    After supporting this organization for several years and having been arrested for open carty and after appearing on national news to positively represent open carry in Missouri, why am I labeled a troll and booted off the page for asking an honest question about another Facebook user??? So...
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    Military use of public property

    I was recently trying to OC on a parking lot near a mall (which was closed) on my way to a shopping center and was asked by police and military to leave because of a military exercise there. They claimed I was breaking the law for two reasons. First, the mall was no longer in business, though...
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    Dont talk!!!

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    How do I get information about a stop where my rights were violated?

    I cannot (should not?) go into all of the details yet (names mostly), but I need to know how to get a list of the officers present at a call where I was verbally threatened, handcuffed, disarmed and detained for 30 minutes for no other reason than open carry, which all 8-10 officers present...
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    Great KCMO cops

    With all of the bad stuff going on with LEO's, I just have to make a post about two great LEO's I met tonight. My mother-in-law had $500 stolen from her purse in her apartment, PROBABLY by a "friend" who was visiting when I stopped in to pick her up. The two officers that responded to the...
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    Has anyone been escorted out of Independence Costco? My wife got the boot today for open carrying and they have no signs.
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    Terrorist Congress Declares War on American People

    2A protects 4A... or so we thought... Just in case any of you have been under a rock recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQExMBvJB2M&feature=player_embedded Call your senator and tell them that "High treason is criminal disloyalty to one's government" and laws outlawing our 4th amendment...
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    Terrorist Congress Declares War on American People

    Just in case any of you have been under a rock recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQExMBvJB2M&feature=player_embedded Call your senator and tell them that "High treason is criminal disloyalty to one's government" and laws outlawing our 4th amendment fit into that category. Conspiracy to...
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    OCer gun taken at gunpoint in KC?

    Someone recently tried to tell me that an OCer had their gun taken at gunpoint recently in Kansas City. I could not find any news stories or forum postings to verify this. Has anyone else heard or seen this? I have a strong suspicion that this is a story by a CCW advocate meant to discourage OC...
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    September OC meet?

    Did I miss a thread on an OC meet in KC for this Saturday? Or did I just start one? :) Or should we do it on Sunday this month as a way to observe 9/11? I think it is time to go back to the plaza. 9/11 and the recent gunshots on the plaza WILL bring up the level of nervousness so careful...
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    OC while police look for "shooter" outside of Advanced Auto parts

    OK, I have to admit being slightly nervous after exiting Advanced Auto Parts today and saw 2 police cars right outside the door calling out at the dozen people standing out front, including my 2 daughters and I, asking if any of us had heard gunshots. I was 15 feet from the officer who asked...
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    OC runs off troublemakers?

    I was driving home last night when I made a left turn from Blue Ridge to 87th st heading west when I noticed an old red Sentra just stopped in the left lane next to the left turn lane that I was using. There were 3 rowdy kids booming music and yelling at me. After a few seconds, the light...
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    OC in CVS in KC

    Apparently the CVS at 95th and Blue Ridge in KC is off limits to open carry -- at least, that is the opinion of "SGT" Stanley Johnson of the security service who was there yesterday afternoon. He claims that it is a new CVS corporate policy. My wife and I have OC'd there for over a year with no...
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    OC at union station

    Has anyone looked at OC at union station? We are taking the family there today for the celebration.
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    Philly police intentionally violating rights, the DA is a scumbag that supports them

    http://www.facebook.com/l/d87d7FDV_MCj5Blw9a6n6-Khh5A/www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/05/21/altercation-philadelphia-police-say-wont-look-way-open-carry-gun-owners/?test=latestnews Another reason to stay away from the coast. Getting harassed by KCPD is one thing, but none of them ever threatened...
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    KCI Expo Center - Open Carry today?

    I am headed to the gun show today. Greenish fedora, goatee and white shirt... and maybe my sidearm, if allowed. Make sure to say hi!
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    Turned table - LEO gets the boot from cafe

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=112VpXHe6F8&feature=related I wonder if one LEO now has a better perspective of OC?
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    Charity or Community Service event

    I thought we might want to think about a charity or community service event that could allow us to raise awareness of both our own activity and something else important in our community. Any ideas? I have seen roadside trash pickup but nothing else like this by other OC groups. It would be nice...
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    Walmart = Big Brother?

    Just in case you already unhappy with Walmart http://www.politicalchips.org/profiles/blog/show?id=4095899%3ABlogPost%3A49706&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_post
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    Every gun is always loaded

    Now we know what is reported as happening to the St Joe cop http://www.kansascity.com/2010/09/22/2244140/st-joseph-police-release-more.html A grim reminder to all of us to always assume that a gun will deliver death to whatever it is pointed at. And the official press release...