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  1. amzbrady

    These people do not like you...

    These highly intelligent guys with a lot of researched facts evidently do not like us... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLLxkMrBsFA sarcasm off.
  2. amzbrady

    Did I miss something???

    I see a lot of post talking about "pre ban" firearms and have heard several (mislead) people (I hope) say that their firearm is now illegal due to the high capacity mag it has. I carry 12+1 and haven't seen anything about a high capacity mag ban. Did the libtards, put something in print that is...
  3. amzbrady

    NBC seems to the spokeman for Sandy Hook

    I was scrolling thru Face Book and see that NBC is posting like crazy on Sandy Hook and kids that have been shot. Someone at NBC is in libtard glitch mode and posted a crapload. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=724069470946419&set=a.162132393806799.30950.155869377766434&type=1&theater...
  4. amzbrady

    Religion and guns.

    Just wondering. Ya think we could make a religion that would require us to carry a firearm, like some religions require carrying a knife, or wearing a turbine? It seems you can not be discriminated against in businesses, in public, or at work. I'm thinking, the "Holy order of Piece"
  5. amzbrady

    How awesome is that?

    I have now seen 3 open carriers come through the store where I work. I was clocking out and talked to one and got to hand him some pamphlets, the first one, I asked him if he was on OCDO, he gave the practiced, "I'm just a citizen upholding my 2nd amendment rights" I said no Open carry dot org...
  6. amzbrady

    Q13 shows open carriers and talks stand your ground.

    Funny they Q13 Fox, says there are people with concealed carry permits and shows open carriers. http://q13fox.com/2013/07/15/deadly-force-in-self-defense/#axzz2Z9x5rtwr I still think our law is flawed. They presented as a fact in the Zimmerman trial that a child of 17 punching Zimmerman a few...
  7. amzbrady

    Recording Open Carry interactions??

    Just wondering what the best recording app is for an android smart phone that wont stop if you get a call and if there is a way to record straight to a sight on the internet that would prevent prying officers from deleting a recording from your phone? just trying to be proactive.
  8. amzbrady

    Does anyone know?

    Does anyone know if there is a free place to legally shoot outdoors around the Marysville, Arlington area where we can practice drawing from an open carry holster? The family is getting itchy trigger fingers and my daughter wants to shoot her 10/22 again.
  9. amzbrady

    Coming soon to a special session near you.

    Just heard the next session in Olympia, about to begin. Inslee will be demanding stricter gun laws. HERE WE GO AGAIN... http://mynorthwest.com/11/2264787/Gov-Inslee-DUI-laws-gun-control-transportation-taxes-all-on-special-session-agenda
  10. amzbrady

    I wish I had the money to do this...

    I wish I had the money to be able to do a gun buy back. $100 for firearms, $200 for assualt type weapons. But then according to the media most every semiauto is an assault weapon. If I had the money, I could form quite a collection of firearms...
  11. amzbrady

    And the contradictions start.

  12. amzbrady


    WTH, is going on? All the reported shootings lately. Is it the same amount of shootings as normal, just more being reported? Maybe people are being committing mass shootings for gun control. Are they being controlled? I guess it could be the economy pushing people over the edge, but I doubt it...
  13. amzbrady

    Seattle Center, Music, over 250 people, alot of cops and an open carrier.

    Got a day off so we went to Seattle Center today, open carry as usual. We parked at Union park, took the Seattle Street car train thing to West lake center then rode the monorail to the seattle center. We scored, I didnt know it was the 50th anniversary of the Seattle fair. Of course we stopped...
  14. amzbrady

    Was it someone on here?

    Did someone here get asked to leave an autoparts store Yesterday in the Tri-Cities because it is company policy?
  15. amzbrady

    Would you draw on this guy?

    If you were on the bus would you draw on this guy or like others just go toe to toe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Uln9cwUFOs&feature=share
  16. amzbrady

    Senator Kline at it again.

    Just saw today senator Adam Kline introduced a new bill to not renew or allow any new CPLs. http://www.leg.wa.gov/senate/senators/pages/kline.aspx
  17. amzbrady

    Can defend.

    I was openly carrying and just happened to see this. I Found it interesting... http://www.kndu.com/story/17270680/looking-into-washingtons-stand-your-ground-law
  18. amzbrady

    This is how to handle an interaction...

    I don't know where this is from, by the twang I would guess "not here". I would think this is the proper way to handle a police interaction. I good training tool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0En_sdsyh1M Edited to add a New Mexico interaction. Also awesome...
  19. amzbrady

    Gun shows and open carry

    The very reason I think it is so stupid that gun shows want to make you handle your firearm instead of just leaving it the F*#K alone. There are stupid people that shouldnt have firearms, and then there are stupid people that make other stupid people handle their firearm. Another case where it...
  20. amzbrady

    open carry

    open carry, now this has something to do with open carry.