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  1. Flash Gordon

    My letter to rep. Garey Bies and Jeff Fitzgerald

    ["We oppose efforts to restrict the ownership, manufacture, carry, or sale of firearms by law-abiding citizens." "The Republican Party of Wisconsin is a vigilant supporter of the right of individuals to keep and bear arms embodied in both the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United...
  2. Flash Gordon

    so fast did you get banned from WAVE's facebook page?

    my mistake. I was going to ask How fast did you get banned from WAVE's facebook page? it took about 45 minutes for me. I guess posting a reasonable statement in response to one of their members spouting nonsense is way too much for WAVE to handle.
  3. Flash Gordon

    Permit Required?

    what is everyone's opinion of a shall issue permit system vs. a constitutional carry system?
  4. Flash Gordon

    Holster reviews

    I'm curious to hear what others use and give my two cents on what I use. For OC I use a few different Blackhawk Serpa holsters. I have two belt mounts with a female quick disconnect and go back and forth between a Glock 27 and a Glock 22 Serpa holster with the male quick disconnect. it does...
  5. Flash Gordon

    first time out

    imported post well after months of discussion (friendly ridicule) with a couple of OCers at work I took my Glock 27 for a walk for the first time. After researching grip stippling for polymer guns I decided to pick up a new soldering iron and a few other parts to give it a go on some old AR15...
  6. Flash Gordon

    first time out

    imported post sorry guys, for some reason this ended up in the wrong state.