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  1. GF

    Need Your Help

    imported post Okay so I have been wanting to get my girlfriend her first handgun now, but the problem is I am not sure what exactly I should be getting her. I want it to be something that she will be comfortable carrying in her purse and whatnot, and being that she seems to have a difficult...
  2. GF

    Certified Idiot

    imported post http://www.azfamily.com/news/local/Man-shoots-round-into-ceiling-at-el-Mirage-Walmart-in-front-of-people-90280642.html EL MIRAGE – Police took a man into custody who reportedly accidentally fired one round into the ceiling of a Walmart in front of several people. El Mirage...
  3. GF

    Easy Way To Get Hurt

    imported post http://www.azfamily.com/news/local/Man-with-weapon-threatens-customers-at-Surprise-store-69978222.html SURPRISE -- Police officers arrested a man after he brandished a weapon and threatened customers at a store in Surprise Wednesday night. Witnesses told police that a man made...
  4. GF

    More OC'ers

    imported post I never really saw anyone open carrying, and lately I have been seeing more and more people OCing. So far everytime I go to Wallyworld someone is carrying too. It's pretty nice seeing people feeling more comfortable. Anyone else notice around their area?
  5. GF

    Anyone Familiar With The Sigma Series?

    imported post I have a S&W Sigma (SW9VE) and I was wondering if anyone knows of any kydex paddle holsters that will fit it. I have looked online and no one really seems to have it for this exact model. I know it is almost exactly like the Glock 19, butI dunno if it will fit well.
  6. GF

    Fellow OCer With Bad Attitude

    imported post I was in Walmart the other day checking to see if they had any range ammo. Upon walking over to the sporting goods section, my brother advised me that there was another person carrying openly as well. I have not noticed not too many OCers there and whenever I see one, I usually...