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  1. punisherprice

    Logandale Clark County Fair OC?

    My family is going to the Fair and Rodeo today. I've read some posts on here from a couple years ago and had mixed replies on carrying OC at the fair. Some said CC was the way to go but I'm not of age or licensed to do so. I've seen its a private company, so it's up to their discretion. But I...
  2. punisherprice

    next step if cops are called?

    I was reading a thread in the NV-OC experience post about being hassled at walmart. Then I thought back to when I was stopped by the greeter at walmart on trop and ft apache and he then called the cops even after i was compliant with answering his questions. He asked me ignorant ones such as if...
  3. punisherprice

    can anyone explain the "to and from fishing" carry law?

    Im going to fresno in a couple of days for a reunion. I do remember that If I had a legitimate fishing license that i could carry. What are the limitations on this? Can i have it loaded?
  4. punisherprice

    From Nevada, Cali OC laws?

    I know this gets annoying with people constantly asking for advice, but I have a migraine from looking at the .pdf file on California's Firearm bureau's website. From what i got from it, I can carry in unincorporated areas...I was also curious about carrying "to and from fishing" law because I...
  5. punisherprice

    Banks that are OC friendly in town?

    I recently went to B of A off of village center because I was over there for breakfast at the Griddle. Good place, anyways, I walked into B of A and the security guard seen my gun and welcomed me. I made a hard left to the ATM (which is inside the actual bank), and started feeding my money into...
  6. punisherprice

    Carrying off the clock at my work?

    i work at a department store in town and before I worked there, I OC'd all day at that location with ZERO complaints, ive been so many times I was surprised they hired me and didnt recognize me. My family does a lot of shopping there, so they send me to pick up some stuff for dinner at least...
  7. punisherprice

    7.62x25 ammo in town?

    I recently bought a Romanian Tokarev online about three days ago. I bought some 7.63 mauser and 7.62x25 JHP's(interchangeable) almost two weeks ago and they dont ship until mid March due to this ammo buying rampage that has started lately. Is there any dealers in town that sell this round? Im...
  8. punisherprice

    Best out of the Tokarev variants?

    I was looking at different versions of the Tokarev: Romanian, Yugoslavic, and the Polish clones. I understand the Yugo version holds one more round in the mag and has a longer grip. Anyone have any ideas on which one is best? I did have my mind set on the Romanian version, because its lower...
  9. punisherprice

    what's considered to be concealed?

    Hey guys! I have a question for ya because im thinking of getting a Tokarev clone for carry(dont give me crap :() Does the flap holster it comes with considered open carry? It completely covers the handgun, and finding another holster is pretty difficult. Any input will be rewarded with a pat on...
  10. punisherprice

    open carrying a firearm not registered in nevada?

    Recently my ruger blackhawk fafctory grips broke from me over -tightening them (dont ask how) and my .32 magnums' cylinder hand needs replacing only after a year, so my Dad let me borrow his s&w 686 in 6" barrel. Its registered in commiefornia which is where i was raised, but not in...
  11. punisherprice

    Carrying at a LVMPD station?

    I got a recent fix-it ticket for my tail light being out, i had a bad ground i guess. I fixed it and was gonna head over to the metro station on west cheyenne. Should i leave it in my car during the whole ordeal? Unload and still carry? And what do i have to go through to have the ticket written...
  12. punisherprice

    My dad gifting me his two revolvers...

    How does one transfer firearms to another as a gift? What should i expect to pay in fees to transfer? I was reading around on this and and heard some crazy stuff like you dont need to transfer anything but a bill of sale between two parties and what not. Id like to hear from someone who has...
  13. punisherprice

    Red Rock Casino

    I was thinking about heading to the red rock for dinner tonight. Has anyone carried in there and how was the experience?
  14. punisherprice

    255 grn. to 250 grn.?

    my ruger new model blackhawk is set to 20 yards with a 255 grn. round. Will changing my round to a 250 grain affect accuracy by much?
  15. punisherprice

    Open carrying someone else's firearm?

    If i wanted to carry someone's legally owned firearm on my person, is it covered under the 2nd amendment? This is a small paragraph reading on a blue card that says "C.C. Ord. 12.04.210 It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, give away, or permanently pass on to another person of any...
  16. punisherprice

    .45 colt 250 grn speer gold dot?

    Ive heard these are the best HP on the market. Are they really worth $31 for 20 rounds? Im not really into the HP hype, lead round nose flat point has been putting people in the ground for a long time, why change it? And there is a lot of cheaper hollow points out there too. Lead works just fine...
  17. punisherprice

    how far do my 2nd amendment rights go?

    The 7-11 owners that i have known for almost a year had a recent shoplifting incident and the shoplifter ran the car through the main doors trying to hit the owners coming out to stop him. They have had a recent string of robberies and even the jumping of an employee by regular customers on his...
  18. punisherprice

    18yrs and OCing...

    I just recently started OCing, and was wondering what you guys(and gals...) thought about an 18 year old carrying. I was also looking for some tips and maybe even some pointers on how you guys carry and what not. I am not completely new to firearms, I was brought up around them and taught gun...