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  1. D

    Overpriced nc gun shops

    It is amazing how many gun shops that have popped up in the wake county area in the last year, I am finding however that there prices seem to be getting more and more ridicoulous by the shop. Why do they feel the need to jack there prices up to retail when the other shops that have been in...
  2. D

    Is this in bad taste

    My daughters turning 2 here in late april and me and my old lady were planning on doing the party at a chic-fil-a because last year we did it our house and it was a fiasco. Would it be in bad form to OC while around other people and children in a scenario like this, my fiancee, my family and...
  3. D

    New gun shop in raleigh/Caroina Gun Runners

    Me and Lannie stopped by the new carolina gun runners store off durant road in the bedford shopping center. Highly reccomend any members in the area stop in a take a look. Lots of rifles, shotguns, pistols, trigger parts for 1911's, glocks, M&P. They are OC friendly and install accesories for...
  4. D

    Going to Starbucks off of spring forest road, who is with me?

    Going to show my support to a corporation that should be a model for others to follow, dont condemn and dont condone it just follow state and local laws and let the people decide. Will probably be going up there around 6:00 or so to get some eats and a cup of joe. Will check back later and see...
  5. D

    glock 26 27 vs. M&P 9c or 40c

    I have both a glock 17 2nd gen now and a M&P 9 fs, I love both guns and dont think I would part with either, but the glock is mine and the smith is my fiancee's. We are getting primed to take the CCHP course here soon in NC. While the full sizes are fine for OC which I do and she doesn't which...
  6. D

    Interesting encounter with LEO

    I was going outside to help my fiancee get my daughter out of the car and get her shopping bags, first thing I notice is my little brother had just pulled in my driveway with a RPD behind him for expired registration. The office saw my glock 17 before I had a chance to say anything. He was very...
  7. D

    OC and having a beer at home

    What is the legality of this in regards to me say having a couple of beers at home after work or a glass of wine or two with dinner at my parents house. Please keep your drinking and firearms comments to yourself, I am a responsible adult who likes to have a couple of drinks every now again in...
  8. D

    my parents dont support open carry

    Seems the more I carry the more my parents seem to try and come up with opposition responses to why I should conceal. What do you usually say to relatives or friends that seem to not agree with open carry. I actually had my uncle who is a police chief say "well you are the first target for the...
  9. D

    open carry friendly gun stores near raleigh

    I live right down from eagle one but there prices are high, but they are OC friendly what are some good oc friendly gun stores near here.
  10. D

    open carry in farmers market restraunt in raleigh

    It is the state farmers market so I am guessing you cannot oc but I figured I would ask.
  11. D

    need some clarification

    I want to go to my local kroger and they do occasionally do wine tasting, Can I carry here since the alcohol is not sold and consumed on premises or is the fact they are serving a no no for OC. I am pretty sure that I can buy alcohol while oc but this is a gray area it seems.
  12. D

    New to OC here in raleigh

    Hey guys have been lurking here a while and reading various threads trying to learn more about OC and peoples experiences what to do and what not to do, dealing with the cops if that arises etc. I ordered my blackhawk cqc serpa yesterday so hopefully will have it before weekend. I plan to carry...