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  1. Lurchiron

    Kimber's rule!!!

    AN ACTUAL CRAIG'S LIST PERSONALS AD To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2011-11-27, 1:43 am. E.S.T. I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend...
  2. Lurchiron

    Cornfused on where to vote

    I'm set on where my polling place is, but I was wondering if the Dems know that they have to go to Illinois to cast their choices... :confused:
  3. Lurchiron

    Show us your rigs...

    Alright all you(and you know who you are) lucky CCL holders, start showing off the leather & nylon goodies; both OC & CC versions. Post a review & some pics; and don't forget the links... :cool: http://www.epsaddlery.com/pc-187-23-spyder-shoulder-system-double-holster-rig.aspx Come to...
  4. Lurchiron

    Don't be a Weiner, keep it in your pants!!!

    Remember; concealed carry means keeping it covered, and not taking it out and playing with it. Above all, friends don't let friends Twit(ter) & tweet:D:uhoh::lol::eek::dude:...
  5. Lurchiron

    You're hypocritical Left

    Anyone seen that big herpes sore on Robert Gibb's lip?...I guess that he really likes Bush, after all !!!
  6. Lurchiron

    I must have missed the memo...

    Oops...didn't see title, next to the name; and still don't. I hereby nominate Gray, to Thread Czar; all opposed say Nay... There ya go...fixed it for ya!!!
  7. Lurchiron

    Trying to understand why...?

    Excuse me but...why is someone from Washington closing Wisconsin threads? Is this some kind of "Thread Czar"???
  8. Lurchiron

    Anti Gunners in Das Haus

    imported post Being new to the forum I was wondering why would a person get a PM from "The Skeptic" railing on me for supposedly calling him names. Yet when I back check my posts, I find that my only quotes are to "Shootemup" & "Sonofsy"? Then when you check their born on dates, why good...
  9. Lurchiron

    Luepold's Magnetic Illuminated Boresighter

    imported post Is anyone handy using one. I just bought one to help with some scope swaps, and I have a question on the set-up & operation; as the directions are more vague than Wisconsin's GFSZ law :dude:. My question is, how do you tell when you're lined up with the bore; at your scope's...