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    Washoe County Sheriff Endorsement ** Jim Lopey & James Beltron endorse Chuck Allen**

    Washoe County Sheriff Endorsement ** Jim Lopey & James Beltron endorse Chuck Allen** From an email from Chuck Allen For Sheriff: “The next Sheriff needs to be an inspirational leader who will provide the support and resources that the office will need for renewed levels of excellence. At this...
  2. J

    Bloomberg/MAIG Anti-gun bus in Vegas tomorrow 8/29/13

    NEVADA Las Vegas What: Nevada Gun Owners to Gather to Call on Senator Heller to Support Common-Sense Background Checks Where: Senator Heller's office, 8930 West Sunset Road, Suite 230, Las Vegas NV 89148 When: Thursday, August 29, 3:00 PM Hope some of you southern guys & gals can make it.
  3. J

    Reno's Sage Hill sporting Clays is closing.

    End of August & they will be gone for all practical purposes. This is the Reno area's only trap, skeet, sporting clays venue. http://www.rgj.com/article/20130808/LIV08/308080009/Sage-Hill-Clay-Sports-close-end-month
  4. J

    Charles Muth of Citizen Outreach on the campus carry bill--Doesn't hold back!

    http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/1010969/e430c0b134/1465608743/4ec74eca10/ A RAPIST-PROTECTING, COWARDLY LIAR! I’m going to have a LOT more to say and write about this later, but put this on your radar screen and be ready to do something about it in the days and weeks to come. Here’s the...
  5. J

    SB76 update & new NSCA letter re NICS prohibited persons list

    ***NOTE: I do NOT know if he endorses the NSCA position or was merely passing it along to concerned individuals.**** I received the following from Sen Settlemeyer today. It confirms the passage of SB76 "as introduced" and a new letter from the NSCA asking for among other things non-judicial...
  6. J

    Idaho AG memo on carry in workplace

    Go here to read http://claytonecramer.blogspot.com/2013/02/opinion-from-idaho-attorney-generals.html It appears that most restrictions violate Idaho law. http://www.claytoncramer.com/Memo%20Medicaid%20Gun%20Rules.pdf
  7. J

    Reno Gazette Journal reporter makes straw purchase at gun show

    If this story is accurate the [moron] reporter made a illegal straw purchase since he admittedly filled out the 4473 in his name as actual purchaser, but at the end of the story the Reno Gazette Journal is asserting ownership. "The Reno Gazette-Journal will sell the gun that was purchased for...
  8. J

    UNR Sagebrush article on Campus Carry in Nevada

    Good article except for that lying POS Assemblyman Horne saying he didn't bring it up for a vote because the votes weren't there. We had the bipartisan votes to get it out of committee. and howevermuch he implies otherwise it WAS NOT "his" bill...
  9. J

    Bizarre Guns against open carry ? or with friends like this who needs fudds!

    John Clement, manager of Bizarre Guns in Sparks, said he is in favor of RTC’s attempt to curb the practice of people carrying firearms openly on crowded buses in Sparks and Reno. As a former law enforcement officer, Clement is in favor of open carry initiatives, but he can understand the...