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  1. J

    Are non-resident Pa CHLs accepted by WV and is open carry legal for non-residents

    I have as friend that goes to West Virginia regularly who has a Pa non-resident CHL and I see some conflicting reports on if it is accepted in WV or not. Also read that some LEOs in WV say that open carry isn't legal for non-residents. What are "gun free" zones in West Virginia?
  2. J

    Welcome Sign at Local Bank

    I had to stop today at a local bank, First Bank and Trust of Murphysboro about adding another person to a checking account that my church has there. I'm walking up to the door and checking for a CPZ sign because I haven't been there yet this year before today. I see a gun pictured with a...
  3. J

    Whose church allows open carry?

    My pastor forwarded some emails to me from some pastors in our denomination about "open carry in church". One fellow from a church out east was asking about it. A pastor in Missouri said that a couple of men in his church open carry in church. I'm not sure if they asked if it was ok to do it...
  4. J

    Marion Illinois Bank Lets Tellers Carry Guns

    A local TV station had a story on their website www.wsiltv.com about the South Pointe Bank in Marion, titled Marion Bank Lets Tellers Carry Guns. They've just put up a sign that says"Notice This Property Protected by Smith and Wesson". The bank president they've never been robbed and he wants...
  5. J

    Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses are Going Out

    Illinois concealed carry licenses are going out to those that aren't instructors. The first of these went out over a week ago. A lot of applications went in on January 5. Mine went in January 9 and the Illinois State Police website showed it was active on 3/10 so I expect it later this week...
  6. J

    Any Churches in Nevada Where Folks Open Carry?

    After being in Nevada at Front Sight for their 4 day handgun course I've been reading some posts on the forum here. I get the impression that folks in Nevada are a lot more comfortable around guns than those in Illinois, not a big surprise. I was wondering if this comfort goes so far as open...
  7. J

    What are the firearm transport laws in Michigan?

    I understand that an Illinois resident may now open carry in Michigan with the Illinois Firearm Owners ID (FOID) card, but not in a vehicle. I am wondering what the transport laws are in Michigan. Illinois says unloaded encased and ammo can be with the firearm in the case, even loaded...
  8. J

    So. Illinoisans Another free handgun class 11/6

    Williamson County Sheriff's Department is holding another basic handgun class in Marion, saturday 11/6. I my wife and 14 others attended the 10/30 handgun class. It consists of 3 hours of classroom time, including gun cleaning instruction and 4 hours of range time. Nothing fancy just...
  9. J

    So. Illinoisans Free Handgun Class Ocober 30, not 9th

    There will be a free basic handgun class in Williamson County, Herrin Illinois on October 30, put on by the Sheriff's Department. I posted about a class on October 9 which was canceled because the required 8 people hadn't signed up. I've got that many lined up now. You just need to bring your...
  10. J

    So. Illinois Free Handgun Training October 9

    I just heard on the radio that the Williamson County Sheriff's Dept. is offering a free handgun training course saturday in Herrin Illinois. I was told it consists of 3 hours of classroom and 4 hours of range time. When I called to register only 5 or 6 people had. They asked for my phone...
  11. J

    Changes in LTC Issuing in Philadelphia after 1995

    imported post I read that after changes in LTC law in Pa in 1995 that the number of LTC holders in Philadelphia increased from about 5000 to 20,000 or 25,000in 3 years. What were the changes?
  12. J

    An Assault That Might Have Been Prevented With RTC

    imported post There is a story at http://www.KFVS.com a local TV station about two older women who were assaulted by someone who broke into a church in Anna Illinois. If you go there and search "women assaulted Anna baptist church" you can get the story. What is interesting is that I was...
  13. J

    Anyone seen a business owner open carrying

    imported post I'm curious if anyone has seen a business owner carrying in his or her "fixed place of business'? Especially a business that isn't a gun shop. I understand that employees at Chucks Gun Shop all carry and I wouldn't think it odd to find gun shop owners doing so.
  14. J

    Anyone know Hawaii LTC holder

    imported post I was curious if anyone knew someone who had a Hawaii LTC. I know they are about as scarce as hen's teeth. If you know of someone what was his occupation and reason for getting a LTC. Rich and well connected, multiple attempts on his life or what? I visited Maui a few years ago...
  15. J

    Any Maryland Shall Issue LTC Legislation

    imported post I was wondering if there is any shall issue LTC legislation in the Maryland legislature. I live in the "right denied" state of Illinois, where you can't even get a LTC from the state even if you are rich and well connected. I do however have a Pa and Utah LTC. I'm on the...
  16. J

    Two Illinois Counties Friendly to Carry

    imported post In the spring election just held two counties in Southern Illinois had a resoltion supporting LTC legislation in Illinois. Voters in Pope county voted 90% yes and those in Johnson county 84% yes. Sounds like most of the population wouldn't have a problem if you open carried in...
  17. J

    Open Carry in Rural Areas by Non-residents

    imported post I was looking at the Illinois statutes 430 ILCS 65/2 at http://www.ilga.gov/statutes/ilcs/ilcs.asp It looks like in (7) open carry by non-residents not hunting or at a shooting range is prohibited in rural unincorporated areas. (7) lists an exemption to the requirement for a FOID...
  18. J

    County Ordinances on Open Carry & FOID

    imported post Does anyone know if there are any Illinois counties that have ordinances prohibiting open carry in unincorporated areas? Also someone asked me if open carry is legal for non-residents or is a FOID card required. I told him I thought it was OK for non-residents, they don't need a...
  19. J

    When did Indiana get LTC

    imported post Maybe someone here can tell me when Indiana got license to carry legislation. I read something on a website that said Indiana got concealed carry legislation in 1980, someone on another forum says that the Travelers Guide to Gun Laws says it was l935.
  20. J

    Any Prohibition of Open Carry in Polling Places, Rural Areas?

    imported post I was serving as an election judge this week and got to wondering is there any prohibition on open carrying in polling places in rural unincorporated areas of Illinois? I realize that often polling places are at schools but I have also been at churches and businesses outside city...