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    Adam Kokesh holds solo open carry protest in DC, July 4, 2013. Video.

    While Adam called off the large DC march, he did follow thru on his promise to open carry in DC today... How you feel about the man, he isn't afraid to put himself out there to get his point across. Adam Kokesh holds solo open carry protest in DC, July 4, 2013. Video.
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    Magpul participates in last minute magazine drop in CO at large rally

    Magpul participates in last minute magazine drop in CO, days before the ban takes effect. Looks like they had a huge turn out and some great speakers. Radio hosts, Sheriffs and other elected officials. Magpul, in grand style, flew in the keynote speaker and boxes of magazines via helicopter...
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    A female perspective on carry and online surge in hatred toward female owners

    Jane gives us her thoughts on carrying and encounters she has experienced over the years. She also talks about the recent surge in hatred directed towards women who choose to defend themselves using the best tools available. A female perspective on carry and encounters in public and online...
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    Mackinac Island trip

    imported post Anything I need to be aware of while carrying on a Indiana LTCH while going to and once on the island?
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    NWI Tea Party Wednesday 4-14-10 TAX PROTEST!

    imported post http://www.nwipatriots.com/events.php 3-6pm Court House square in Valparaiso! While not specifically and OC event, I and at least a dozen more people will be OC'ing that day. Lets flood the square with signs and flags!
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    Tar and Feathering at Pete Viscloskies office Wednesday 4pm

    imported post Join myself and Patriots from all over NW Indiana at Pete Viscloskys office this Wednesday as we Tar and Feather a life size cut out of Pete Visclosky and let our voices be heard and SEEN! We've had it! Mitch Daniels and Greg Zoller will be watching and we need to show them that...
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    Protest at vilcloskies office in merrillville Sat 3-20-10

    imported post Late notice but 11am to 1pm there is a rally/protest at pete viscloskies office in merrillville tomorrow. I-65 to US 30. West 2 blocks to broadway. Out in front of his office, vring your signs, Gadsden (don't tread on me) flags... Open Carry if you'd like! FYI Another protest...
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    Open carry breakfast Saturday the 18th in NW Indiana

    imported post From INGO: http://ingunowners.com/forums/the_break_room/11339-open_carry_event_saturday_the_18th_in_nw_indiana.html#post133372 be there... or be square! :celebrate
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    Indiana needs a large OC meetup, lets get one going!

    imported post EVENT ORGANIZERS from other states feel free to chime in and give us tips and pointers! We want a successful event. We see how successful groups in VA and Mi have been with their large OC meetups and rallies. It's our turn! Today is Sept 1st and winter will soon be upon us...
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    Bob Barr says the Second Amendment is his favorite

    imported post Anyone else catch glen beck last night? Bob Barr was on for the full hour. Beck asked him what his favorite amendment was and without hesitation he replied "The Second". :celebrate
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    Good digital voice recorder?

    imported post Lots of people seem to be asking in existing threads so I figured make a topic of it. What do you use, how does it work and how much did you pay?
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    Who all OC'ed in Indiana for Open Carry Day and weekend?

    imported post My wife and I both did, as did another friend. Among the fun... 2 fireworks shows, a parade, several big box stores, restaurants, grocery stores. Basically 24/7 from Thursday afternoon to Sunday night. 100% positive experiences and not a single negative encounter.
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    Why are you happy with the Heller vs DC ruling?

    imported post For those of you who by now have had time to read the ruling... Exactly what are you so happy about? Ruling that the 2A is an Individual Right is indeed long over due, but the rest of the decision is utter insanity. To say they are talking out of the sides of their mouth is...
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    random OC'ing around NW Indiana

    imported post In no particular order within the past seven days: Target, Menards, Meijer, taco bell, walmart, Columbia Gyros, hollywood video, little ceasers, several gas stations (speed way has 79 cent any size slushies again!), Cabelas... couple more places I can't think of right now. Not a...
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    National Open Carry Day

    imported post National Open Carry, Independence Day and Weekend 2008 Sweet! :celebrate
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    "not related to OCDO"

    imported post reference this closed post: http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum22/8578.html I'll set aside the fact a moderator from Virginia nixed the post when our states administrator posted right above him without any such issue. Lets set the stage, about half of us here in the Indiana forum...
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    Hobart pd story

    imported post http://www.thetimesonline.com/articles/2008/02/26/news/top_news/doc222e71172169560f862573fb0014bfa1.txt HOBART | Candace Olig couldn't hold back the tears Monday as her lawyers played a videotape they say provides visual proof of her family's accusations of police abuse. Watch...
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    Shooting tomorrow, willow slough

    imported post Anyone up for Willow Slough tomorrow? 36 degrees and sunny is the forecast. We'll probably be there around 11am-1pm'ish. Look for the Silver SUV with dark tint and Ron Paul bumper stickers. Late notice but we just decided ourselves. Info...
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    Just want to make sure I have this right...

    imported post Looking at the laws I've come up with this: PA does Indiana's LTCH for carry in a vehicle only. PA does not require a license to open carry (except in Philidelphia). So am I right in thinking that when I go to visit my parents I can carry in the car (open or concealed) and when I...
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    OC in the new cabelas last night

    imported post My wife deceided to open carry last night into the new Cabelas. I kept concealed and in we went with our 3 little ones (10, 3 and 1). We walked in past the 3 (or 4) Hammond cops at the door and almost made it into the store before a greeter sort of freaked out. We'll call her...