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  1. WalkingWolf

    Alien Gear Holster Company attacks open carry

    National Gun Forum one of the vendors attacks open carry. I tried to respond but my posts were deleted. I don't use their products but I certainly would not now, and advise others to find different vendors...
  2. WalkingWolf

    Lidl anti gun

    Well we stopped for the Lidl grand opening, didn't enter the store. They did not have the typical gun buster sign, but a no this, and that sign, top of the list no firearms. From what I have seen online videos of the inside they are nothing special. We will still give our money to Walmart, and...
  3. WalkingWolf

    Best looking OC EDC Photo Thread

    Hey I just want to see some gun pictures to brighten the day. My entry for today.
  4. WalkingWolf

    Save the Snowflakes

    In this time of year, and the desperate struggles these snowflakes are going through maybe we should do something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9-5fYFjrbs I personally intend to send them a a brown paper bag filled with my donation. They will need to supply their own porch, and matches.
  5. WalkingWolf

    Here's your sign

    While running errands in Sanford today I stopped in Tractor Supply to pick up a fuel hose. So I ask the girl where the fuel hoses are, and she asks "What are you going to use it for?" I reply "fuel". So she looks and we cannot find the hose, so we ask a male employee where the fuel hoses are...
  6. WalkingWolf

    Protest the protests

    I have decided to wear a red shirt in protest to the riots/protests against the election results. I will wear red until the madness stops, I will no longer sit back silently while this BS takes place. Since I do not intend to riot or get involved in screaming matches with these snowflakes I will...
  7. WalkingWolf

    Takeout tipping

    My wife asked me what the protocol was for takeout tipping. We usually tip 10% for takeout, and 20% for dining. Are we too cheap? Pretty much believe 20% is standard but not sure what most people tip on takeout.
  8. WalkingWolf

    A pair of Rugers

    Just picked these up last Wednesday at the LGS, I really have to stop going there. On an up note though I was able to walk away from a Schofield at Gander Mountain though, it was difficult the gun was calling to me all the way home.
  9. WalkingWolf

    New Baby, sorry can't afford cigars now.

    Stopped in the LGS in Vass, NC to pick up a pound of 296, and this S&W Model 21 followed me home. Forgive the smudges I still need to clean of the paw marks she had in the case.
  10. WalkingWolf

    Cruz and open carry

    I have a question for Texans. Cruz is being lauded as a great 2A supporter, but I have found no evidence of him supporting unlicensed carry. Could some OCT members help me out? Did he openly support unlicensed open carry in Texas?
  11. WalkingWolf

    NRA gold mine shaft for CC instructors

    NRA has gone to online classes for basic courses, charging sixty bucks. The shooting part of the class will still be instructed, but I would imagine that they will get less money. This is what happens when someone sucks up to the P4P industry. https://onlinetraining.nra.org/ Registration &...
  12. WalkingWolf

    Chicago PD Veteran Of 14 Gunfights interview

    I ran across this video and thought it was interesting. And possibly we can take away a little from it. It is long, 52 minutes, but not boring IMO. It is not really a video as it is an audio interview on youtube. It did amaze me that one person even in Chicago could get into 14 shootings. I...
  13. WalkingWolf

    Serial number finished 80% lower

    This subject came up on another forum. Basically the person bought an 80% lower, but was asking about coatings after the gun is finished. A couple people claimed that for a licensed coat shop to coat the gun the gun must have identifying marks. I cannot find anything requiring that except for...
  14. WalkingWolf

    Unconstitutional laws are constitutional until a court says otherwise

    Yea, I was shocked when a claimed attorney on CastBoolits made that claim. He spends a lot of time posting, and I think I understand why. He then goes on to mock a link to University of Berkly revue. Thread if you are...
  15. WalkingWolf

    Quick rant...

    I am so tired of hearing people complain about their job on the internet. "Nobody understands my job", "They don't respect me", "They don't love me", "My job is sooo dangerous". Stop the damn whining and quit your job! Nobody promised you a rose garden.
  16. WalkingWolf

    Gun porn~new to me police trade in.

    Picked this up last week, and just got around to snapping an image. GP100 38 spl in very good condition.
  17. WalkingWolf

    Carrying by the legally blind?

    I probably should have put this in the OC questions thread, but I am including CC as well as OC. This has been bugging me for some time, I am a supporter of the constitution, and I do not think it is government, or ours to decide for others how they protect themselves. But just how responsible...
  18. WalkingWolf

    Don't use your printer, it will get your gun grabbed

    The Massad Ayoob mind control is strong with this one. Thought this was good for a laugh.
  19. WalkingWolf

    Discreet Open Carry?

    I keep reading and hearing this, but I will be darn if I understand what is discrete OC. Is it carry with the shirt covering most of the gun except for the bottom of holster or slide? Is is walking, standing with the gun side away from everybody who might see it? Or is it concealing but wearing...
  20. WalkingWolf

    Funny Glock 43 spoof video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nngBdzmH6VI&feature=player_embedded Surprised I found this on the Glock forum.