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  1. Chief Ten Beers

    They are trying again

    http://gunrightswatch.com/news/2019/12/22/kentucky/kentucky-becomes-a-sea-of-orange-as-second-amendment-sanctuary-county-efforts-progress/?fbclid=IwAR1IeR_M_S0lHS5pE6LQumgFxP7vSMpNO1llJWTyQs7CuYkSH14o3I0c8bU#.XgFMXSjutWk.facebook BR 187: Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license, repeal 1...
  2. Chief Ten Beers

    A new gun law?

    Has anyone heard of a new law....maybe NOT a law just yet....that a person buying a gun cannot transfer it to someone else? Such as in private sales? :confused:
  3. Chief Ten Beers

    Is it legal to open carry at Mammoth Cave?

    I have been to Mammoth Cave once and I didn't open carry, and I saw no one else open carrying. I do know that open carrying in parks is legal, but is it legal to open carry at Mammoth Cave? :question: I don't want to appear to be a dumbass, that's why I'm asking on here, and not stuttering and...
  4. Chief Ten Beers

    Is it legal to open carry in the LBL?

    Is it legal to open carry in the LBL? I have seen comments from different sources on this subject saying both yes and no. I'm trying to find out for sure if it's legal to open carry in the Land Between the Lakes. :question:
  5. Chief Ten Beers

    My new open carry holsters

    I went to the gun show last weekend and came home with two guns, a new Hi-Point .45 ACP, and a used Llama .380 ACP. Yesterday I bought a new holster for both. For my Hi-Point, I bought a Fobus, and a GunMate for my little Llama. :D:monkey
  6. Chief Ten Beers

    New Gun For Open Carry

    This past weekend I went to the gun show in Murray, Kentucky looking specifically for a .45 ACP, and I found one. I bought a Hi-Point Model JHP .45 ACP. Now I can either carry this or a .45 SAA. I can't carry my Hi-Point yet, cause I don't have a holster for it. Can anyone here recommend a good...
  7. Chief Ten Beers

    Kentucky Sheriff Warns of New Revolution if Guns Are Taken

    This video is a little over a year old, but I just now found it, and maybe some of you have not seen it yet. http://youtu.be/MoWB6sEI2x4
  8. Chief Ten Beers

    West Kentucky meetups??

    I'm still new to this forum and to open carry. I've only lived in Kentucky for a year and a half now and still learning my way around. Thank God for the map on my smart phone. Anyway, I've noticed that there's open carry meetups in eastern Kentucky, is there ever any oc meetups here in western...
  9. Chief Ten Beers

    Has anyone dealt with the gunsmiths at Shooters Supply in Paducah, Kentucky?

    Well over a year ago I took my Broomhandle to Shooters Supply to get it working. I haven't heard from them, except for the few times that I've called them. Has anyone here had any experience with the gunsmiths at Shooters Supply? :cuss:
  10. Chief Ten Beers

    Would a holster like this be considered open carry?

    You're wearing this style of an open carry holster with your gun in it with the flap over the gun. Is this still considered open carry?
  11. Chief Ten Beers

    How do you open carry in foul weather?

    I like to open carry as much as possible, because I do not have a ccw permit. I haven't had this problem yet, and I hope I never do, but I fear that sooner or later I will. When you open carry, and it starts to rain, do you cover your gun to protect it from the elements, or do you let your gun...