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    Example RI-60 form for private sale/purchase

    Can anyone post an John Doe like example of how a private seller fills in the RI 60 form Please don't just post this : http://www.michigan.gov/documents/ri-060_6454_7.pdf
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    Clarify the Title 18 Section 930 rule of Federal Facilities

    I'm curious to the meaning of this as after a month of working next door to a Marine Recruiting station I finally noticed the Weapons prohibition sign (it is posted very low, on one but not the only common entrance to their office) that is located within a broad ground level office building in...
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    CPL Renewal duration

    How about some anecdotes about how long your last CPL renewal took? I'm at 50 days now waiting. Sucks because mine expires in 3 days, but if it takes another 10 days then i can carry around my Oakland County Clerk receipt as proof for extension. Might have a 7 day black out if it doesn't come...
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    Something Different about registration...Moving to and from Michigan

    We all know our state requires pistol registration. BOOO So that aside. What happens to said pistol registration when an owner moves to other states and comes to move back to Michigan some time later. Will these same pistols (not other pistols bought while residing in another state/ it is known...
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    Miami Officers rabidly break 4th amendment after shooting suspect

    http://thedailywh.at/2011/06/07/photography-is-not-a-crime-of-the-day/ The only guy who permanently captured this action on video kept his copy by slipping the memory card into his mouth until after police interviewed him because they smashed his phone and those belonging to any other...
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    Dubious No Carry signage at Hardcore Pawn

    The issue in this case is simple concealed carry so sorry it's not OC. I know a lot of jewelry stores like to prohibit weapons on the front door of their store. Such signs must regrettably be respected. I don't patronize Value City Furniture because of this type of policy. Last month the sign...
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    SB 207 Recruits Youngsters to hunt

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    Another Biased Study belittling gun ownership

    http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2011/04/guns-in-the-home-lots-of-risk-ambiguity.ars Say "Bananas" in the comments if you post them there because the author is daring that most readers won't finish the article before defending our RKBA.
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    Out of towner new to OC in WV

    imported post Can someone point me to the good thread that let me know how legal I am if I carry open or concealed and in what areas of West Virginia are off limits. I travel through West Virginia to and from Michigan(home)and Virginia. I usually travel I-77 and hardly get out of the car...
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    Out of towner new to OC in VA

    imported post Can someone point me to the good thread that let me know how legal I am if I carry open or concealed and in what areas of Virginia are off limits. I was in Blacksburg, Salem and Roanoke over this weekend but I wasn't sure what the letter of the Open Carry law is in Virgina...
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    Want to acquire and give a pistol to someone as a wedding gift

    imported post Let me qualify this by stating that I understand or at least think I understand how to transfer a handgun between private owners currently. After this takes place, if I choose to pursue the idea, I would then be giving it to a buddy getting married this summer. My idea is to...