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  1. K

    Speech on gun control today

    The speech was intended on gun issues and sandy, then turned into a political stance on taxes. Do people really care more about taxes? Why the change? Trying to earn opinions on gun control by winning them over with taxes? - Frustrated
  2. K

    Defense for Falsely Accused?

    Just hypothetical, I have been very curious... okay... let's say you carry, and someone you know doesn't like you. The one thing they have on you is to report you pulled a gun, let's say you were into a heated arguement and never even went for it. But the person claimed to LEO you pulled it...
  3. K

    Golden Corral - 5362 Dixie Hwy - Louisville

    In a very brief explaination and not too many details listed I will give information... I would give more details if my memory were better About a month ago I took the family to this establishment and I was OC... I almost knew for certain there was about to be a scene over my firearm.. that...
  4. K

    Would you bring a knife to a gun fight?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckz7EmDxhtU This was an interesting find... I only wish they would have checked a few different scenario's.. like condition 1, etc.. Just figured more people should see this. Maybe carrying a blade in place of a BUG would be appropriate after all... hmm
  5. K

    Fobus fix if you have issues with retention / blackhawk serpa purchase

    Recently got a Fobus Paddle Holster, thought this was the bread for my butter... boy was I wrong. This was the 9mm/40 SIGMA version of the paddle line with a retention adjustment screw on it. I noticed the retention was really not that great so I tightened it, it would stay tight for about 3...
  6. K

    Heading out to get a bite to eat later, anyone hungry?

    Short notie, but looking to go grab a lunch somewhere, any takers? Figured it would be a good chance to have some good conversation while filling the gut, I am towards southwest Louisville Metro, Vaslley Station area.
  7. K

    SIGMA SW9VE Safety Question

    My everyday carry weapon is a S&W Sigma 9mm. This gun has been loyal to me, and I love it. I only have one concern, carrying it chambered. Now it has a tough trigger pull and my Fobus paddle covers the trigger. But reading online, considering there is no manual safety for this weapon, I am...
  8. K

    Am I the only one aggrivated with the CCDW Badges?

    A while back I seen someone, and a couple more since then, wearing the Concealed Deadly Weapon's badge on a chain around their neck. What is the point? First off this will give the instant impression to the non aware citizen or BG that you are a LEO, and why conceal a weapon if you want to...
  9. K

    Good OC experience in Louisville - Thumbs up LMPD

    This incident happened a few years ago, but I was browsing the forums and reading when this hit my memory... I stopped into a Thornton's off of Dixie Hwy in Louisville a few years back, It was really late at night and I was OC at the time. Pulling into the parking lot I noticed a few LMPD...
  10. K

    I am America

    imported post I Am America I was born on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence is my birth certificate. I am the United States of America! The bloodlines of the world run in my veins because I offered freedom to the oppressed. I am millions of living souls and the ghost of millions who...
  11. K

    Ticketed for Exp Registration with 9mm in seat

    imported post First off, Hello.. my name is David and I am 28 y. old. I have been reading this forum for quite some time and have not posted. I have learned a lot from this community and I now openly carry a 9mm on my hip holstered pretty much 90% of the time. 5:40 A.M on my way to work I was...