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  1. Save Our State

    Long Gun OC Ban Bill Amended Again

    Recent amendments to Portantino's AB 1527 have added another exemption: I was wondering about whether a boat was considered a vehicle insofar as it pertained to this bill. Someone else must have been concerned also, which makes me wonder just what person(s) or group has enough pull to get an...
  2. Save Our State

    Video Camera Person(s) Wanted For OC Event In Sac

    This IS NOT for the Urban Rifle Hike III I am in need of persons to video tape a long gun OC event in Sacramento. I am going to conduct an educational outreach event about firearms and the 2nd amendment that will be videotaped. I'd like to do this soon, so if there are any faithful in the Sac...
  3. Save Our State

    Urban Rifle Hike III

    http://saveourstate.info/showthread.php?t=6658 Coming Saturday, August 25th, 2012 Urban Rifle Hike III Each year SOS has held an urban rifle hike, a 10 mile hike through the city of Rancho Cordova, and the urbanized portion of County of Sacramento with an unloaded rifle or shotgun in a sling...
  4. Save Our State

    Happy Fourth of July To all California Open Carriers

    Happy Fourth of July to all from Save Our State! Cherish freedom, protect independence, and exercise your rights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhddT64ztcA
  5. Save Our State

    California Senate To Rename Active Militia Members SAD

    I kid you not. The California state Militia is having their basic charter reworked by a bunch of bureaucrats in the senate. Among many changes, those militia members will be referred to as SAD...for State Active Duty...
  6. Save Our State

    AB1527, Long Gun OC Hearing Only Days Away

    Just to remind everyone, the next committee meeting for portantino's long gun carry ban is on June 26th at the state capitol. This is a chance to stop the bill before it gets to the senate floor. As I mentioned before, I'll be at the meeting. If you have ideas to present, and cannot make the...
  7. Save Our State

    John Clark's Concealed Firearms Initiative Fails

  8. Save Our State

    Committee Hearing On Portantino's Bill Today Was A Misnomer For Opposition

    I attended the Portantino bill hearing to day at the capitol, and it was only a going-through-the-motions event. They brought in the brady bunch and some false mouthpiece police sock puppets to give the scary what-will-be propaganda. Opposition was there, but were silenced. We were only allowed...
  9. Save Our State

    Assembly Bill Would Exempt Certain Officials From Records Requests Of Gun Permits

    This assemblyman wants to keep us in the dark about which public officials have gun permits issued to them. Makes perfect sense. You don't want your constituency to know just how duplicitous the government is.
  10. Save Our State

    Discriminatory Concealed Carry Bill To Be Heard In Assembly

    this is a terrible bill, that discriminates against people on the basis of race, sexual orientation, minority status, religious affiliation, and soon, country of origin. It also places victims of previous crimes ahead of future ones in getting concealed weapons permits. All a certain class of...
  11. Save Our State

    BLM Accepting Nominations For Advisors On Policy

    I know this is a bit boring for most of us, but this is a chance to steer policy instead of react to it. The Bureau of Land Management is looking to fill some advisor spots on their council. They're looking for a wide range of backgrounds, including just a member of the dirt-kicking up public...
  12. Save Our State

    Second Amendment Evolution

    Save Our State is broaching the field of second amendment arms research and development. For over two centuries, Americans have relied upon the firearm as the primary tool for personal self-defense, as well as the protection of their freedom and independence. Firearms served that purpose more...
  13. Save Our State

    San Bernardino RangemasterJoins Propaganda Crowd

    A misdemeanor charge of carrying a loaded gun has spurred numerous media stories, mainly because the person at the core of the incident is state assemblyman Tim Donnelly. The latest print article by the Sac Bee has included a rangemaster's comment that has left me dumbfounded. I've read some...
  14. Save Our State

    Activism Wanes

    I don't know what else to call this thread, but wanted to voice an opinion on this. In years past, activists were coming from everywhere, and in many fields. People inspired by the wave of social media access sprang from cities, counties, towns and the countryside to become involved in patriot...
  15. Save Our State

    Sac Sheriff To Destroy Inactive 2 Year Old CCW Permit Files

    On Tomorrow's BOS agenda. A resolution to destroy all inactive CCW files over two years old. I'm wondering what the hurry is here...:confused:
  16. Save Our State

    Spate Of Handguns Busted At Airport Screenings Shows Folly Of Apathy

    A recent spate of handguns caught at airports may just show the folly of taking an apathetic position on your gun rights. Over the years I have met many people who say "I'm carrying anyway", and do just that. Some rely on the false hopes of obscure or untested legal theories to protect them, and...
  17. Save Our State

    AB 123 Seeks Amendment To PC 626 Court Says 75 Minute Detainment Reasonable

    Assembly bill 123 seeks to expand the area of enforcement around a school property to adjacent streets and even the area and times kids are walking to school. While the main thrust of this bill is aimed at abortion protestors, the way the law is written gives (gave) rise to an allowable 4th...
  18. Save Our State

    Newly Forming "Republic Of The USA" Rejects Open Carry

    ........--Moderator Note-- Misleading thread title as OC is not mentioned. I got wind of this via some half-a**ed threat from one of their more excitable members, and did some research as I was advised. Don't think they are going anywhere, and ot appears they are already suffering some...