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    possible nationwide carry for truckers

    I heard on NRA news that there is a bill starting in the Senate that would give truck drivers with ccl's national resaprosity. I thought I heard them say Senator Corker is the one who put the bill up and is looking for sponsors. I'm not going to hold my breath, but it's nice to see them try...
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    Question about OC and CC

    Being that you don't need a permit to open carry here, I have a question? If you go to a business and they ask that you cover your firearm while at there business. If you do not have a Concealed license would you be breaking the law, even though you are on private property and asked by the...
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    Pentagon to destroy 1 billion in ammunition

    From the marinecorpstimes.com. The Pentagon is going to destroy a billion dollars worth of ammo. Now they spent billions buying up all this ammo and cause shortages and high prices now they are going to throw it away. What the hell is our government doing. They said in the article that the...
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    question about poster signs.

    I'm out OC today in the Gulfport area. I am noticing signs on a lot of places that say no unlicensed firearms. What exactly is this implying, can I only conceal while there or must you have a concealed license to open carry. I have several conceal carrying licenses that are recognized by...
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    RI 1911 issue

    I have a Rock Island 1911a1 its been a great pistol. It has never failed, and I've run thousands of rounds thru it. But has now developed a problem. When the last round is fired the slide does not stay locked back. I am not much of a gunsmith. I can not see anything wrong when I strip it down...
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    RI 1911 issue

    I have a Rock Island 1911a1 its been a great pistol. It has never failed, and I've run thousands of rounds thru it. But has now developed a problem. When the last round is fired the slide does not stay locked back. I am not much of a gunsmith. I can not see anything wrong when I strip it down...
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    question on ORC 9.68 preemption

    I am a truck driver and travel thru Ohio often. I have noticed they are posting at weigh stations, NO FIREARMS ON PREMISES. Now the way I understand your preemption laws the parking areas are allowed just not in buildings. But the sign seems to apply to the entire property. I do have chl that is...
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    question about new florida law on cwfl under 21

    Florida passed a law that says military personal under 21 can get a cwfl. I have a couple questions. My son is active duty and stationed in Georgia. He is going to apply for his Florida cwfl. If he gets the license is he able to buy a firearm or is purchasing still 21. Should I give him one of...
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    sheriffs office would not return my gun.

    I'm trying to understand why the sheriff's office gave me such a hard time returning my .45. I was in a accident 3 weeks ago. When the trooper arrived I was being loaded in the ambulance, I told him my gun was in the truck if he could retrieve it so it would not be stolen when my truck was...
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    Anothet driver arrested in New York

    I was listening to cam and company last night on xm and they reported a driver arrested. I haven't been able to find the news article yet, but I believe they said it was in Jamestown, ny. And they didn't give any details. New York has no tolerance for firearm possession. Even if its carried...
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    is preemption under attack

    I was listening to gun talk on xm yesterday and heard them say their was a push to repeal state preemption. Is this true and who is behind this. My first guess is Bloomberg, that would allow counties to ban firearms.
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    question on carry in Virginia

    I have been told by several officers both state and county that you can't have a firearm in your truck. And if caught I would be subject to arrest. I have read the Virginia laws on vehicle carry and the only thing I see is that they use the term private vehicle or vessel. Now I own my truck and...
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    non res. concealed firearm permit

    I have just found out that Washington will no longer honor my Florida ccw. And I am trying to find out if I can get a non resident carry license. I do open carry a lot while in Washington but I understand you need a license to have it loaded in your vehicle. I would appreciate any help pointing...
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    Banks not loaning money to gun dealers

    With all the talk in the news about financial institutions not wanting to make loans to gun business. I am wondering if it is a good thing so to speak. In the short term it will hurt, but in the long term wouldn't it seem that it can make these businesses free from the big bank bs. They can be...
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    help getting non res. ccl.

    I am a non resident and have tried to get a concealed carry permit. I've been to the sheriff's offices in Multnomah and Deschutes county. Both do not issue out of state permits but have said some counties do. Does anyone know which counties will issue non res. permits. I do work all over the...
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    oc meet up 12/8 - 9

    I will be in the Seattle area and wondered if anyone would like to meet. I will be in the south sound area but can travel.
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    my first 1911

    Just purchased a new Rock Island 1911. Will be at the range later to test it out. I am a glock guy, but I have been reading posts here. I need another carry weapon so I'm going to jump in and see if they are as good as people say. Any advice on what type of ammo might tend to be touchy with...
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    Non resident oc question.

    I have looked thru the posts on Georgia open carry and have a question. If my out of state ccl is honored in Georgia can I open carry or do I need to get a Georgia permit to oc.
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    best way to deal with a leo that does not know the laws of oc or cc

    If you are approached by a officer who does not know the laws on oc or cc, and says you are breaking the how can you resolve this. Can you request another officer who knows the law or do you fight it in court if you are charged with something.