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  1. mspgunner

    Marc Perez funeral arrangements

    First of all, I would like to apologize for some people getting multiple notices about Marc's passing. He instructed me to notify everyone on his email list plus some group forums, and I'm not editting the addresses. Apparently this time of year is very busy for the funeral industry. These...
  2. mspgunner

    mspgunner has passed

    Hi, This is from Marc's wife, Marianne. I want to let you know that Marc passed away this morning. Our daughter Cheryl and I were with him at home where he has been in hospice care for cancer. We have no final details regarding funeral arrangements, but hopefully I will be able to post that...
  3. mspgunner

    Adopt a highway program

    We will have at least four of these each year. We are done for 2013 but looking to 2014 toa be another exciting year. The location is on Ladue Rd. just west of I-270 and east of I-141. There is a good amount of traffic in this high profile area of west St. Louis County. We have had local...
  4. mspgunner

    The OC Rally in Union, MO. - a PIC

    From left to right: State Senator Brian Nieves (Who carried the OC bill in the Senate), Marc Perez, Charlie Due, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, Representative Dave Hinson, Representative Paul Curtman (Who carried the OC Bill in the House)
  5. mspgunner

    MO Leg. session

    Jan. 8th 2014 is the start of the Missouri legilslative session.
  6. mspgunner

    Its 2014 action time!!!

    The below has appeared Nov. 3rd in the “St. Joseph Post: “The Majority Leader of the Missouri Senate says a new version of the Second Amendment Preservation Act will get fast action by lawmakers. Ron Richard says it will be the first bill to committee, the first bill handled in the Senate, and...
  7. mspgunner

    2a amendment preservation act for 2014`

    This is what is to go to the Missouri Senate in 2014. It "IS" public information btw: It's what we will get if anything for OC. Summary of the bill: http://www.senate.mo.gov/13info/memb...ll_summary.pdf Draft of the bill: http://www.senate.mo.gov/13info/members/D32/gunbill.pdf
  8. mspgunner

    The forum is quiet these days

    There are not many posts these days. The legislature is out till Jan. but I assure everyone the work for our OC rights is never ending. There are bills being written for the House and Senate, some to be filed in December, probably many more in January. Always stay in contact with your House...
  9. mspgunner

    One of the best Sheriff encounters I've ever seen on Youtube

    One of the greatest Sheriff encounters I've seen on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1G1IscWi58
  10. mspgunner

    Good OCvideo - current!

  11. mspgunner

    Store policies and firearms

    I found this on my computer, thought it might be interesting to re-visit: RE: Concealed carry in Walmart? Information from another very active (as far as gun rights) site; Corporate Policies Barnes & Noble Original Message From: "Mary Ausman" <MJAusman@bn.com > To: XXXXXXXXXXX Sent: Monday...
  12. mspgunner

    CCW training locations : Missouri

    Since CCW is "still" required in some places in Missouri to OC here is a list of CCW Training locations all across the State: Training locations for CCW in Missouri: http://www.missouricarry.com/category/ccw-training-locations/
  13. mspgunner

    Free event - OC picnic UNION , MO 10/26

    Repost, distribute widely.... On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/194973837349080/ Saturday, October 26, 2013 1:00pm until 5:10pm UNION CITY PARK, BBQ AND DJ - Jim Carter, GUEST SPEAKERS, SENATOR Brian Nieves, CCW INSTRUCTORS, Karl Schneider, 10-26-13 , 1 to 5 pm, invite all to...
  14. mspgunner

    Cross off StarBuck$

    New no Gun Policy; http://www.starbucks.com/blog/an-open-letter-from-howard-schultz/1268
  15. mspgunner

    Great link for the Marshfield incident

    This has about evetrthing well put to gether on the Marshfield OC incident. http://cherokeecountygop.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/open-carry-incident-with-girls-in-walmart/#comment-138
  16. mspgunner

    This is the Senator who defended our OC rights till the end in Senate 9/11/2013

    State Senator Brian Nieves **General Laws Committee Chairman and Senate Majority Whip, Invites you to a Special Event Honoring the TRUE Intent of Our 2nd Amendment where YOU may win a Premium AR15!** Sporting Clays Shoot & AR15 Give Away...
  17. mspgunner

    Oc lunch 9/14/13 --- nope

    I nailed my back, Curtman is up tp his neck in media events and other projects..... The OC lunch is very much a non-event for Sat. 9/14/2013.....
  18. mspgunner

    It is the day before the VOTE!

    All, We have likely lost a few Republicans on the override vote. We need to gain some Dems. These are the Dems who voted for HB 436 on the last round of voting. I urge you, if you live in their districts to call/email them. They should be given extra-special attention -- let's make it hard...
  19. mspgunner

    IF The veto override is successful?

    Deleted the message.
  20. mspgunner

    From Joplin !

    Read, post a comment and share this article: http://www.joplinglobe.com/topstories/x31526163/GOP-eyes-effort-to-override-governor-s-veto-of-gun-bill