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    Man tased for putting out fire

    This homeowner was tased by police for trying to put out a fire. I saw another video a couple days ago with an interview of the homeowner but I can't find it now...doh!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS_jziE29uM
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    What's in a name?

    Does anyone here name their guns or am I just weird? :D I'll get us started. Glock 19 is "Darling Nikki" Glock 26 is "My Mistress" Mossberg 590 is "Lady Heather" or "Mr. Mossberg" depending on my mood. :lol:
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    Shotgun for HD

    I know this is a "handgun" forum but is there anyone here that also uses a shotgun for HD? I'd like to know where you put it at night. Next to the bed? In the corner? In the closet? I have one and have been trying to decide what to do with it at night. I usually keep it on the floor next to the...
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    What age did you start carrying a weapon?

    I'm curious to know at what age you all started carrying a weapon and what was it? For me it was a 4" Gerber folding knife at the age of 12. I would carry it when I was collecting for my Journal route (did I just age myself? haha). When I turned 16 and got a car I carried a billy club in it and...
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    CCW and Knives

    So with the CCW bill passed, it says a "weapon" is a knife that is not a switchblade (I know there is more, but I'm just wondering about the knife part). Does this mean we can carry knives concealed too? Is there a size limit? Folding or fixed blade? Thanks!!
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    Partners and guns

    If you have a partner (husband/wife/bf/gf) how do they feel about you carrying (oc or soon to be cc)? Are they for it? Against it? Do they carry too?