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    Bullet Blocker

    imported post Hello, I just read a post about a student that was going to wear an empty holster to school in order to raise awareness to the situations as to what can happen on school campuses. I Just wanted to let you know about the Bullet Blocker backpacks, backpack panels and gear that are...
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    Water Filter

    imported post Hello I am looking for some advice on a quality water filter for my backpack. I would like to drink from some streams and ponds in the Newhampshire Main area. thanks
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    A Must Safety Product

    imported post Review of the BulletBlocker Backpack == written by Cody S. Alderson USCCA GEAR REVIEW I shot it twelve times with a mix of 9mm full metal jacket and Hornady hollow points. It didn’t even phase it, so I tried stabbing it with a sturdy knife. The blade couldn’t get through, so I...