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    Auf Wiedersehen

    It was a good journey with all of you, but now it is time for me to move on to other things. I wish all of you good health and good fortune in what you do.
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    Gun "Buy back" in Montgomery

    First of all, why do they persist in calling it a "buy back" when they never sold them to start with? The news coverage of this admitted that some valuable weapons were turned in. Yet, their limit was, if I remember, $100 per weapon. So why aren't the ones sponsoring this hiding their faces...
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    Concealed Carry Arguments and Assumptions

    I'm engaged in some interesting discussions on another, non-firearm only, forum about open vs concealed carry. I keep getting the same old, tired arguments that I think all of us have heard at least a thousand times: 1. You will be the first one shot. (To my knowledge, this has never happened...
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    Open carried guns stolen?

    I have a friend in another state who claims that there have been several incidents of firearms stolen from open carriers. The only incident I have been able to find was the incident that some speculated was a cover-up for illegal activity. Can anyone enlighten me? Has there been more than the...
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    Who Notices You Open Carrying? List your experiences.

    I was in Sam's Club, carrying a Ruger P89. Not one single adult in the entire store noticed, or if they did, did not run screaming for the exit. However, one little boy, I would guess not more than two, glanced in my direction, looked away, and then snapped his head back! His eyes looked like...
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    Fun and games at the Wal Mart on Atlanta Highway

    A fun evening at Wal Mart on Atlanta Highway. When I walked in the door, the young deputy sheriff crooked his finger at me in a "Come here" gesture. That got my blood pressure easing up immediately as I am most assuredly not a child to be summoned by some young squirt wearing a badge and a...
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    Tasers - An Electronics Tech's Opinion

    As an electronics tech, I was taught a long, long time ago that a relatively low current and voltage placed across the heart could very readily cause death. At the same time, I was taught to troubleshoot live circuits with my left hand in my pocket (for the military, putting your hand in your...
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    Posters Who "Get Your Goat"

    After looking at a couple of threads that devolved into what one mod called a "train wreck", and, yes, I was again guilty of contributing to that wreck, might I suggest that it is far better to put another poster who angers/upsets you on "ignore" than it is to both destroy a thread and get your...
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    An Observation

    This is not an attempt to bash or criticize any group. It is an observation from an old man who has been around the block oncet or twicet. 1. Gun owners in general: Most of the folk I've met, either here, other forums, or IRL, are great folks. There are a few who need a brain-to-mouth...
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    Mall in Kenya; Could it happen here?

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/24/kenya-prompts-quick-reaction-from-some-us-malls/ "Shopping malls and other soft targets in the United States should increase security measures and update emergency response plans in the aftermath of the Kenyan mall massacre that killed at least 72 people...
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    Perry Stevens - George Temple Incident

    This is the incident where a citizen came to the aid of a police officer who was being badly beaten and was forced to resort to deadly force to stop the attack. If memory serves, it was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am aware that Mr. Stevens did not face any charges, but have any more details...
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    Racially-charged Language

    There is a thread here in the Social Lounge that I find disturbing. I have no wish to accuse anyone of even inadvertent racism, but I will point out that language can be a powerful tool for either good or bad and some of the language in that thread is doing our cause, and this site, no good...
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    Perry Stevens - George Temple Incident

    I know this happened something like seven years ago and I know Temple was shot six times. What I have never been able to clarify is whether, as has been alleged, Temple was shot in the back or what. All I can find is that he was shot "in the torso". Reason for asking is this: It would seem...
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    Rally at the State Capitol today.

    Beautiful day, fairly large crowd considering that there were several competing sporting events, and some excellent speakers. Unfortunately, this old man had to cut out early when his back wouldn't take him standing around any longer. But I did stay long enough to get the impression that we...
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    Am I the only one who thinks it is the very heighth of hypocrisy that those who are calling most stridently for "gun control" are those who either have 24/7 armed security for themselves and their families or, as in the case of one certain Senator, hold concealed carry permits and are known to...
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    Due to a wide variety of issues, none of which are germane to this forum, we have a new forum in Alabama, DefendAlabama.com. It is just getting started but is, IMNSHO, a horse of an entirely different hue than its predecessors.
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    News Media and Us

    "My attorney commented that it was much harder to defend someone that was innocent than someone that was guilty. I refused all plea offers and insisted on CLEARING my good name! Not just that the charges were dropped, but that the judge dismissed the charges with predjudice (the DA tried to "not...
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    Eleven, eleven, eleven, eighteen

    Ninety-four years ago this Sunday, eleven November, the guns fell silent for the first time in four long, bloody years. A young private who was transitioning from Coast Artillery to Field Artillery was in France at that time. His unit was scheduled, had not he Armistice intervened, to move to...
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    Voting While Open Carrying

    Exercised two of our most sacred rights this morning in the representation of one of our most sacred freedoms. Voted while open carrying at Frazer UMC Church. Not a negative word said, not even a shocked look. In fact, I don't think most of the folks there even noticed the gun on my hip. My...
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    On another thread, and I won't identify which one, another poster slammed my part of the country as being the home of a certain abominable racist group and the Republican Party. Yes, that racist group was originally formed down here. Yes, it still exists, although, from what I can determine...