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  1. 2a4all

    Newport News Announces New Chief of Police

    City Manager Names Steve Drew Next Chief of Police Richmond Police Department veteran brings 24 years of experience Newport News City Manager Cindy Rohlf today announced her selection of Steven R. “Steve” Drew for the position of Chief of Police. Drew is currently...
  2. 2a4all

    Common sense prevention of gun violence in RVA - Join the Conversation.

    This group is apparently newly formed in the Richmond area and bears watching. The following is an excerpt from an email forwarded to me. Students, Teachers, Parents, and Virginians, I’m an alumnus of Virginia Tech. I wasn’t there during their mass shooting tragedy, but as a parent and...
  3. 2a4all

    The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms

    Tonight on Jeopardy the answer was "In 1139, Pope Innocent II banned this type of weapon as too barbaric.". The correct response was "What is the crossbow?". I was a bit surprised, so I thought I'd share a bit of research. In 1097, Pope Urban II outlawed the use of the crossbow. Four decades...
  4. 2a4all

    Fatal Shooting at County Grill in York County

    I was shocked to see this on the news today. When I think of all the Open Carry dinners we've held there, with dozens of our armed friends and not a shot fired, I'm outraged. YPSO has a suspect and the manhunt is on...
  5. 2a4all

    HBO Documentary: Requiem for the Dead: American Spring 2014

    I was OCing while watching this. http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/requiem-for-the-dead-american-spring-2014 This program narrates many very sad, tragic stories of people who died from gunshots for a variety of reasons during the Spring of 2014. It slants things heavily toward the conclusion...
  6. 2a4all

    The Basics of Surveillance Law (A Coursera by Stanford Prof Jonathan Mayer)

    https://class.coursera.org/surveillance-001/lecture I'm posting this here because this topic comes up frequently, and it's targeted to non-lawyers. Mods, please feel free to move to a more appropriate thread.
  7. 2a4all

    Gun Violence: "Public & Mental Health Issues - What is our Future Hampton Roads?"

    Gun Violence: "Public & Mental Health Issues - What is our Future Hampton Roads?" As some of you know, I'm a Block Coordinator for Neighborhood Watch. As such, I get emails from various folks announcing some event or other and asking me to forward the news to others who might be interested...
  8. 2a4all

    Woman shot in Newport News officer-involved shooting

    This happened today (3/3/2014) in this neighborhood near mine. http://www.wvec.com/news/Officer-involved-shooting-in-Newport-News-248276191.html NEWPORT NEWS -- Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in the 900 block of Hollymeade Circle in Newport News. According to Newport...
  9. 2a4all

    Pennsylvania hunter bags monster 772-pound black bear

    Peter Nap frequently posts pictures of the bears that inhabit his farm, so I thought he'd be interested in this. http://bearingarms.com/pennsylvania-hunter-bags-monster-772-pound-black-bear/
  10. 2a4all

    Lt. Gov.-elect holds anti-gun forum on Monday in Charlottesville

    This from a VCDL Alert (11/28/2013) Elections have consequences and so it begins. Anti-gun Lt. Governor-Elect Ralph Northam is wasting no time jumping into gun control by hosting a forum this Monday, December 2, at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, titled "From Virginia Tech to the...
  11. 2a4all

    Call the Nevada Governor.

    From Page Nine, Alan Korwin Call the Nevada Governor. Dial 1-775-684-5670 and press “2.” The Nevada legislature recently passed legislation, SB 221, that would require private firearms transactions to be recorded by a federal firearms licensee (FFL) and sent to the FBI. If Nevada's Governor...
  12. 2a4all

    2013 Is an Election Year (in Virginia)

    The 20/20 split in the Senate may be in jeopardy. Bill Bolling (R) will not seek another term as Lt. Governor. The Democratic Party of Virginia informed the Virginia State Board of Elections that it has certified the petition signatures submitted by all five statewide campaigns. Terry...
  13. 2a4all

    No place for a gun show

    This editorial from today's (3/29/2013) Daily Press: "Dozens of law-abiding citizens exercised their Second Amendment rights at Tuesday's James City County Board of Supervisors meeting. No, they didn't break the law and yes, they were within their constitutional rights. But the spectacle was...
  14. 2a4all

    Olympic Arms Blacklists NY State

    This is posted in the NY thread, but I thought folks here might enjoy it. Basically, if the citizens of NY are prohibited from purchasing certain firearms, then they won't sell to any NY agency.:monkey http://gunfreezone.net/wordpress/index.php/2013/02/12/olympic-arms-also-goes-2a/
  15. 2a4all

    Virginia Beach pizza shop offering discount to gun owners

    I saw this on the news tonight. It's too far to go for me, but I think it's worth a look for any who live nearby. Slice by slice, one Virginia Beach pizza shop is showing its support for the Second Amendment by offering fifteen percent off pies to gun owners. “All they have to do is show me...
  16. 2a4all

    Newport News detective charged in case of road rage

    Apparently, hand gestures were (also) involved. Perhaps we should refer this guy to User?:uhoh: "On Monday, a Newport News police detective was charged in a case of road rage that a driver reported earlier in September, according to a police news release. Police served Michael D. Poole, 58...
  17. 2a4all

    The Lite Side of Open Carry

    Just saw this in a catalog http://searchresults.harrietcarter.com/search?ts=custom2&asug=&w=+beer+holster&x=0&y=0
  18. 2a4all

    Constitutional Conversations return to Williamsburg Library

    WILLIAMSBURG - The award-winning series Constitutional Conversations begins its third season by celebrating Constitution Day and the upcoming presidential election. A special program: "The President and the Constitution: the Scope and Sustainability of Modern Executive Powers," begins Monday...
  19. 2a4all

    Seller Robbed During Private Sale of a Handgun

    A cautionary tale. NEWPORT NEWS -- A man selling a handgun was robbed when he met a prospective buyer in Newport News. Surveillance video shows two men who went to meet the seller in the parking lot of Magruder Elementary School on the night of August 27. Police say the 23-year-old gun owner...
  20. 2a4all

    York County Sheriff Danny Diggs Needs Our Help

    We've praised him in the past, and he has supported our 2A efforts. Now, perhaps we can return the favor. From the James River Journal: Press release: York County, VA- Earlier in the week, the York County Board of Supervisors were presented options for significantly reducing the FY2013...