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  1. user

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    He's not licensed in Va., but has a very good understanding of Va. firearms/defense law, can be admitted on a case-by-case basis, and can cover the Northern part of the Commonwealth easily. I have no direct knowledge of his litigation skills but in talking to him, I was satisfied that he knows...
  2. user

    Today, Virginia; tomorrow, THE WORLD!

    In Virginia, where I live, primary elections are open to all registered voters - no one registers by their party affiliation. I've been trying to motivate Repubs. to vote on March 3 in the Demo's primary to get Sanders nominated. (The polls today show Bloomberg and Sanders in the lead with 22%...
  3. user

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    https://www.wmal.com/2020/01/29/police-swat-officer-shoots-fairfax-county-man-who-brandished-gun/ Admittedly, this defendant has a long history of illegal activity (I checked the docket), and was apparently being targeted for some drug possession charge. But what disturbs me is that the police...
  4. user

    Political Action

    We need to flood the Dem's primary on March 3 - any registered voter can vote in either primary (but not both). We should do everything we can to make sure the most unelectable candidate wins their nomination. I'm thinking Sanders, because I don't think he's got a snowball's chance of...
  5. user

    Virginia Citizens' Defense League - Fundraiser against Tyranny

    A "GoFundMe" account has been set up to be able to mount legal challenges to proposed draconian prohibition of the means for self-defense by Governor Blackface and his fascist cohorts: http://tiny.cc/vcdlmb Please share with everyone you think might be supportive.
  6. user

    Virginia's "brandishing" statute under Constitutional Attack in Fed. Ct.

    This is a topic I've been railing about for years. The plain text of Virginia's brandishing statute says that if a person "points, holds or brandishes" any firearm or anything that looks like a firearm "in such manner" as would cause a hypothetical person to "feel fear" that he was about to be...
  7. user

    Be the first to call the cops.

    I just watched a "youtoob" advertisement - one of those "skip ad in n seconds" things - preceding one I wanted to watch about the Ruger PC-9 carbine (that used to use the same magazines as the P- series pistols). It was a pretty good ad for USCCA, in which a guy's relating his experience with...
  8. user

    ammo cans on sale

    just thought I'd let you know, it appears Tractor Supply Company has fifty-cal sized steel ammo cans on sale for $6.39. The plastic ones are also on sale, but I think they're eight bucks; smaller cans proportionally sale priced as well. (I have no connection with TSC, by the way, just saw...
  9. user

    Skidmark's Will

    Our late associate and friend, Skidmark, left what is called in the law a "holographic will", which means he wrote it out himself by hand. It was executed in front of witnesses, myself included. His will asked that any property he may have had at his death be given to an organization to be set...
  10. user


    Just saw an ad for this website on search engine results. I found it interesting because it has absolutely no information on the website identifying the business that operates it. Even in their "terms and conditions" page in which most websites will identify a legal entity for contractual...
  11. user

    I'm back.

    Been away too long. Got really busy and something strange happened to my "user" id / pswd and couldn't log in. Then I didn't have time to deal with it. So, in the interim, I've been put on the "disabled" list at the Virginia State Bar - they gave me a special membership card that says so...
  12. user

    Reckless driving - speed limits

    This thread was created by Moderator (not by User below) to establish current law and allow closing of old necro thread: I have to respond, "Good." One of my big arguments against gun-crazies' obsession with eradication of firearms in the name of "gun control" is the way automobile violence...
  13. user

    Va District Cts & "crimes of domestic violence"

    If you are arrested for anything related to assault or battery where the victim is related to you or someone you live with, here's a REALLY IMPORTANT TIP: do not, repeat, DO NOT sign the "waiver of counsel" form they will shove at you and tell you to sign. You do not have to sign it, you are...
  14. user

    Culpeper BBQ dinner July 2; 6:30 'til...

    Culpeper BBQ dinner July 1; 6:30 'til... For the folks who find it inconvenient to drive to Richmond for the OC festivities, let's meet up in Culpeper, centrally located to Winchester, Warrenton/Gainesville, Manassas, Orange, F'burg, and so forth. Wednesday, July 1, 2015, I'll be there from...
  15. user

    Problem Nominee for U.S. 4th Cir. Ct. Apps.

    Pamela Harris nominated by Md. Senators Mikulski and Cardin. Any question on how she'd rule on questions involving the right to personal defense? I think this is going to require some concerted action in the Senate. Pamela Harris Nominated to Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
  16. user

    Yesterday's S.Ct. Ruling in Castleman case- "misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence"

    Yesterday's S.Ct. Ruling in Castleman case- "misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence" I made a little comment on this case in the political-hot-stuff section of this forum. Case was published yesterday. I'm sure people will use this opinion to create more trouble for gun owners. Please get...
  17. user

    Fed law re: "misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence" - U.S. S.Ct ruling today

    Fed law re: "misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence" - U.S. S.Ct ruling today http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/13pdf/12-1371_6b35.pdf U.S.v. Castleman opinion attempts redefinition of "force" in order to broaden the scope of 18 usc 922(g), which prohibits possession of a firearm by...
  18. user

    Off-topic - Va. Pers. Def. Atty. needs help in Northern Ark.

    Sorry for the off-topic intrusion, but I need someone to do a service-of-process job in Northern Arkansas - Yellville area. No prior experience, license, or certification is required, but this is one in which we have to get papers into the defendant's hot little hands. A process server has to...
  19. user

    Revised website now has links to downloadable PDF's

    I've revised my website to give links to the "Letter to Law Enforcement", "Bill of Sale", "Definition of 'Secured", and Instructor's contract form. Scroll down about half way to the part marked "useful information". I'll probably add some other stuff as I get better organized. To everyone...
  20. user

    FOIA Training Workshops Scheduled

    As stated in The Fauquier Free Citizen http://http://fauquierfreecitizen.com/virginia-freedom-of-information-advisory-council-holding-foia-workshops/: