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  1. user

    Justifying the State of Emergency. Virginia Capital on Edge as F.B.I. Arrests Suspected Neo-Nazis Before Gun Rally NYT

    How ironic, that the fascists are arresting "neo-Nazi's".
  2. user

    Virginia Legal Definition of Open Carry

    "hidden from common observation" means that if you'd bothered to look, and still couldn't see it, it's "hidden". That came up a lot for me about 20 years ago, when there was a statewide rash of carrying concealed without a permit cases. What the cops were doing is stopping motorists and making...
  3. user

    Attorney General Opinion 20-046

    Fortunately, it does not, the Virginia Constitution defines a republican form of government, as required by the U.S. Constitution.
  4. user

    Now travelers can't take firearms into VA roadside rest area restrooms...

    The reason this legislation is unlawful is because it is a well established principle that one cannot be required to waive his rights under the Constitution in order to receive some public benefit. Back when the law was applied even-handedly and with some element of intellectual honesty, you...
  5. user

    Status update: still vertical.

    Status update: still vertical.
  6. user

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    By the way, I'd be interested in collecting any information about actual experiences with Virginia lawyers in any case that involves firearms or personal defense, whether criminal or civil. Don't post private information here, or anything for which you might have a defamation problem - feel...
  7. user

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    Another recommendation: Gil Ambler, located in Winchester https://amblerlawoffices.com/ Oh, and he IS licensed in Va., has an office across the street from the courthouse, and I can certify that he's got his head on straight as to the needs of those desiring to protect their right to protect...
  8. user

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    Funny thing, but since I've retired, I've been way too busy. Catching up on all sorts of stuff I didn't have time to do before. As to me, I'm a lot less able to get around, but still vertical.
  9. user

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    He's not licensed in Va., but has a very good understanding of Va. firearms/defense law, can be admitted on a case-by-case basis, and can cover the Northern part of the Commonwealth easily. I have no direct knowledge of his litigation skills but in talking to him, I was satisfied that he knows...
  10. user

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    I have often observed that the law is the only protection that we peasants have. "Civilization" is a society in which there is a body of written law which everyone agrees (directly or by inheritance) will apply to their behavior, and as to which the people give their voluntary compliance...
  11. user

    Virginia Legal Definition of Open Carry

    I agree completely.
  12. user

    Today, Virginia; tomorrow, THE WORLD!

    You'll be surprised at what huge quantities of money can do for a candidate - just this morning, I heard that Bloomberg has bought three congressman's endorsements. And he's not really a democrat, either - my understanding is that he's actually a Zionist, and affiliated himself as a democrat...
  13. user

    WSJ - Dr. to Patient: Do You Have a Gun?

    Have I been kissed by the Handsome Prince?
  14. user

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    There is one circumstance in which that could apply, and that's where one is making a left turn. There is a totally ridiculous statute in Virginia (or was last time I checked) that says, when you make a left turn, you have to make your left turn immediately upon entering the intersection, then...
  15. user

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Not exactly what I had in mind, I was really just making a sociological observation; but now I'm thinking more of "be as innocent as doves and as wise as serpents". A former chief of police in Alexandria once told me, "Don't have any chinks in your armor." He sort of specialized in not doing...
  16. user

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Thinking about this point again, it occurs to me that we get what we deserve. I am constantly amazed at how little regard we as citizens have for our law. I've argued that the law is like a set of rules for a game that we've all agreed to go by (directly or through representation doesn't...
  17. user

    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    No question, you shouldn't listen to me. You should listen to that function variously known as "the Holy Spirit", "gut instinct", "women's intuition", etc. (it doesn't care what you call it, it works the same regardless, if your level of awareness is sufficient to allow you to "hear" what it's...