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  1. color of law

    Snohomish county oc report

    Well, it seemed like it was just yesterday. You don't look like you aged a day. Welcome.
  2. color of law

    It Sux 2B U: Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use

    Any drug (I'm using the word drug as a generic term) introduced in excess into a developing body can have consequences.
  3. color of law


    I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope you peek in every now and then because, on occasion, we all need a voice of reason.
  4. color of law

    Tapatalk not working?

    I don't use Tapatalk, but I looked at their website and it appears that Tapatalk is suppose to make linking the forums simple. Whatever that means. I can only conclude that your problem is with Taketalk. I'm of no help.
  5. color of law

    Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act

    President Trump signed legislation to created broader access to funding for state-level gun range expansion and improvement. https://www.nssf.org/range-victory/ P.L. 116-17 https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/hr1222/BILLS-116hr1222enr.pdf
  6. color of law


    I checked the exit rules, the forum does not give out participation trophies.
  7. color of law

    Are second Amendment supporters a “Class of Persons”?

    True, very true, but I try to impart information to all in the hopes it will tip the table in our favor, hoping a judge will honor their oath. It's just a hope.
  8. color of law

    Are second Amendment supporters a “Class of Persons”?

    Are second Amendment supporters a “Class of Persons”? “The Right of the People” The Second Amendment’s recognition of a “right” that belongs to “the people” indicates a right of individuals. The “people” are not a “State,” nor are they the “Militia.” The Second Amendment distinctly uses all...
  9. color of law

    memorial day 2019

    Compulsory enlistment? Nope. They made you believe it was compulsory. What was compulsory was for you to appear for a physical. The medical physical determined your class. If you passed they gave you a report date. When you appeared they asked you to step forward and raise your right hand. You...
  10. color of law

    Vermont Lawmakers Approve Waiting Period for Handgun Sales

    Well, damn! https://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/13/085/04019 Unconstitutional. This law has never been tested.
  11. color of law

    Vermont Lawmakers Approve Waiting Period for Handgun Sales

    Here is a copy of the bill: https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/S-0169/S-0169%20As%20passed%20by%20the%20Senate%20Official.pdf From what I read this has nothing to do with private sales. Am I wrong?
  12. color of law

    memorial day 2019

    FreedomVA, Military service in this country has always been voluntary. Some just didn't know it, but benefits were always offered for volunteering. Have a read: https://www.stripes.com/news/us/the-veterans-were-desperate-gen-macarthur-ordered-us-troops-to-attack-them-1.480665 Vast tracks of...
  13. color of law

    Utah Concealed Carry license

    "Arizona has passed “Permitless Carry.” That means anyone who can legally own/possess a firearm and is 21 or older can carry it concealed without any type of permit/license." Why would you need a permit?
  14. color of law

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    So, you are the alter ego of eye95.
  15. color of law

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    Could I be so lucky? Lets have an English lesson. Your first sentence has a comma separating two independent thoughts, but the two statements are related. In that case the comma should be a semicolon. Your second sentence has two problems. The "was" in the sentence is redundant. If he is then...
  16. color of law

    Hoosier Daddy?

    According to the story he did turn himself around.
  17. color of law

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    Based on your writing skills I'm glad you relented.
  18. color of law

    Are school shootings down since Columbine?

    And this is just another reason why my daughter is considering home schooling.
  19. color of law

    Cloward-Piven is BACK (unfortunately)

    What's old is new again; repackaged communism.