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  1. BB62

    For those who do faze boog. Montana Open Carry

    Is there some reason why OCDO is inadequate for your desire to share information and conversation, MSG?
  2. BB62

    Spring 2019 Campus Carry (OC) Walks

    Yes, it's not a law violation for students to carry, but would be a code of conduct violation. Whether the code of conduct can disallow such lawful behavior has not yet been fully tested in court - and is not part of this Walk.
  3. BB62

    Spring 2019 Campus Carry (OC) Walks

    Miami University Walk, Friday, May 3, 2019: armed STUDENT participation has been approved! Parking @ Assembly point: South Garage (Campus Avenue Garage) 501 S. Campus Ave. Oxford, OH 45056 10:30AM
  4. BB62

    Spring 2019 Campus Carry (OC) Walks

    Earlier this morning I received the following note from Ms. Lori Ross, UC General Counsel (head lawyer). Quoted in its entirety it says: "Thank you for your inquiry and for your efforts in coordinating with our police and other university officials in advance of the upcoming demonstration. The...
  5. BB62

    Spring 2019 Campus Carry (OC) Walks

    PARKING & ASSEMBLY POINT info! 😁 Parking (yellow) is as follows, cost for all day: $10 - Calhoun Parking & Garage, 228 Calhoun Street, 45219, top level lot and garage (7' 5" clearance on shortest level) $5 - 10 East Corry Street, 45219 (surface lot) $5 - 2705 Short Vine Street, 45219 (garage...
  6. BB62

    Spring 2019 Campus Carry (OC) Walks

    Weather permitting (no rain, please!), I'm hosting two Open Carry/Firearm Education campus (ON & around campus) events this spring. I've hosted or co-hosted 10 previous campus Walks in Ohio and Kentucky. The Facebook event page description portion is visible regardless of whether or not you...
  7. BB62

    Pittsburgh wants to ban guns

    Pittsburgh City Clowncil passes gun "safety" legislation https://www.wtae.com/article/city-council-to-vote-on-new-gun-safety-legislation-tuesday/27011991 "Mayor Bill Peduto and the Pittsburgh City Council members who sponsored the newly proposed gun legislation know that it will be legally...
  8. BB62

    Former ATF Agent to Speak at Anti-gun Group's Event - 3/10/19 - Lexington Library

    The meeting, which was attended by upwards of 30 people (excluding those who support the RKBA) was interesting. Excluding the aforementioned RKBA supporters, there were only four males in attendance, including the main speaker, a former ATF agent. Within the first two or three minutes the...
  9. BB62

    Corey Jones shooting in Palm Beach Gardens

    Thanks for the followup information. Testilying, it seems. Sickening.
  10. BB62

    Former ATF Agent to Speak at Anti-gun Group's Event - 3/10/19 - Lexington Library

    I'm interested. Please keep us posted.
  11. BB62

    No Guns Allowed at Ky. Center for the Arts

    It's a bummer that KY allows renters of public owned property to disallow carry, but evidently that's the way it is. I'm sure the "public servants" who work at the LCA are only too glad to inform renters of their rights to disallow carry. From what I gather from the documents, it doesn't seem...
  12. BB62

    Thank you John Lott

    Thanks for that. I've never seen that before.
  13. BB62

    Visiting Arizona - Grand Canyon Railway - No Guns ?!?

    I know, but some other knowledgeable Arizonian might reply in his stead. ;)
  14. BB62

    You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.

    Not to my knowledge. To my knowledge, the standard is the same one used for drunk driving/operating under the influence, or whatever the proper term is.
  15. BB62

    You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.

    Just to put a fine point on it, and not to start a discussion/argument on the merits of doing so, in Ohio one is NOT forbidden to drink while carrying, one is forbidden to drink in alcohol serving establishments (with, I believe, one exception that I wouldn't think of challenging).
  16. BB62

    Do cops believe themselves to be above the law?

    The case was Northrup v. Toledo.
  17. BB62

    Visiting Arizona - Grand Canyon Railway - No Guns ?!?

    Can you clarify the law you mentioned with respect to alcohol serving establishments? As I understand what you've written, only "No Guns" signs in such places when accompanied by their liquor license have the force of law - correct? Does the law, whatever it is, apply to both OC and CC? Thank...
  18. BB62

    Milwaukee man (OC) had his firearm grabbed

    Shooter was not charged, according to this article: https://fox6now.com/2018/08/03/man-faces-robbery-charge-after-prosecutors-say-he-attacked-ccw-permit-holder-who-then-shot-him/ "Thomas Chojnacki said Monday, Aug. 6 he did spend three days in jail before the decision was made not to charge...
  19. BB62

    Constitutional Carry Bill Filed in Ky. Senate

    What are the bill's chances in the House?
  20. BB62

    Looking for a little help

    I'm THRILLED for you, but at the same time disgusted by what I view as legal chicanery by various parties (especially the AG) in Idaho. If you live anywhere near Pittsburgh, you can take part in sorely needed OC activism there or elsewhere in PA. Again, congratulations and best wishes to you.