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    It Sux 2B U: Growing up high: Neurobiological consequences of adolescent cannabis use

    I knew a lot of teen age users when I was in high school none of them seem overly intelligent. Some are still users.
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    Are second Amendment supporters a “Class of Persons”?

    Doesn't matter one bit what the constitution says if the judges refuse to obey it. The excuse of a "living constitution" has been the excuse pushed by the communist/socialist/progressives for decades. Their goal is to destroy the constitution and country.
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    Did S&W, in fact, improve upon the original 1911?

    Yes along with many other manufactures. Better materials , better machining the original 1911 had problems if one used anything but ball modern ones feed any bullet design.
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    Missed the big one.

    I am a life time exerciser biking and running any thing out doors watch what I eat ect 5'10 less then 180 pounds.. I think that was part of the problem I did not fit their profile. Several EKK's ,stress tests, echo cardiograms, enhanced CT scan, blood tests, two visits to the ER with chest...
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    Gun insurance/membership?

    A 100 dollars or less a year depending on the length of membership or about 8.50 dollars a month. Mine cost me 75.00 at the time I brought the 10 year membership. Or 6.25 a month less then the gas for one trip into town with my truck. Yes I live a ways out of town. You sure haven't...
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    Data backs up 'driving while black' concept ~ while story line is NC centric possibly germane to other parts of this nation!

    Well if you never been a LEO I would not expect you to understand what experience [policing in area. Gives you about the criminal element in that area. Can it be abuse yes can it catch a lot of bad guys yes.
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    Data backs up 'driving while black' concept ~ while story line is NC centric possibly germane to other parts of this nation!

    One can look at all the data one wants but data does not tell you want the officer was thinking at the time of the stop.
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    Data backs up 'driving while black' concept ~ while story line is NC centric possibly germane to other parts of this nation!

    In his book "Suspect Citizens," Baumgartner looked at 22 million traffic stops over 20 years. unquote [book ordered this morning!] My question is what data did he look and how the data was acquired . I am betting this was politically motivated research with a specific out come in mind.
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    California Synagogue shooting

    I have spent the last few winter is AZ and got to know some BP agents I yet to see one carry off duty. I seen that attitude promoted in several agencies discoursing off duty carry. Overall management is very afraid of the liability of having their officers carry off duty.
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    AR and AK Handguns

    AR and AK pistols with arm braces could have some uses. Personnel I find short barreled fire arms firing rifle cartridges to loud for my tastes.
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    Hypothetically ramifications if US in crisis mode and government shuts down social media?

    Could be any government action could be preceded by a shut down of the inter net and cell services. Knowledge on what is going on or what could happen is huge for defensive forces.
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    Is Probable Cause at Risk? Is this a win or a setback?

    Sounds like the perfect freedomVA you should apply. Then you can show them how it is suppose to be done.
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    Missed the big one.

    I agree fully.
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    Missed the big one.

    They did put them in through my arm. The doc said they were really close to splitting me open to do a bi-pass. Glad they didn't. I have been a avid exerciser for 40 plus years. Non smoker non drinker. The rehab nurse said my problem would be wanting to push it to fast. I had been doing...
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    Missed the big one.

    Was in the hospital yesterday received two stint Right and left arteries 97 and 95 percent blocked. Need to look for new GP and clinic been telling them for years I have had problems always put me off.
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    Reckless Operation

    The officer is very lucky no one was injured or killed. What he receives for punishment could vary a lot. I would bet he will watch his finger placement a lot more from now on.
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    Gun insurance/membership?

    Gun insurance against theft easy. Insurance to help after a defensive shooting. I joined the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network Inc. https://armedcitizensnetwork.org/en/
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    Worked in Texas why not SC

    Another fudd kills a bill because he is afraid Calling this one BS. claims to be a pro 2nd amendment guy Right. I guess all a anti has to do is claim to be a pro and make a threat and the so called pro 2nd guys fold. COLUMBIA, S.C. The push for open carry gun laws in South...
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    Texas House Speaker declares 'constitutional carry' dead after activist shows up at his home

    My guess is he was just looking for a reason to kill it.