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  1. RCall

    Judge Walter H. Rice opinion on OC/CC

    In a story by Dayton Daily News, U.S. District Court Judge Walter H. Rice (Dayton) speaks out against open and concealed carry: "I think open carry (and concealed-carry) laws, with all due deference to the Second Amendment, which I support…are dangerous to any community because of the epidemic...
  2. RCall

    Lawsuit filed in southern ohio district court for O.C. arrest

    My fat thumbs cut off the title. It should read as, Lawsuit filed in Southern Ohio District Court for O.C. arrest. Just saw this case filing pop up today. Posted in general discussions due to Krogers involvement and them doing business in many states...
  3. RCall

    Dayton O.C. event. Hauntfest on Fifth St. Oct. 31

    In light of the the lack of cooperation from the City of Dayton let's all come together to stand for our rights as set forth by the constitution and by Ohio law. For many years Dayton Police Department has been enforcing an unlawful firearm ban in the historic Oregon Distric during the annual...
  4. RCall

    OCer stoops robbery in Dayton.

    OCer stops robbery in Dayton. According to WHIO, a customer who was OCing at a Circle K in Dayton stopped a robbery. Here's the story: http://m.whio.com/news/news/crime-law/armed-customer-stops-robbery-circle-k-dayton/nhXWF/
  5. RCall

    WHIO TV (Dayton) to run firearm law story including info on when to call 911

    WHIO TV in Dayton is advertising that their I Team will run a story at the 5pm newscast tonight about firearm laws. It looks like they are going to speak with law enforcement about when you need a license to carry, when you don't, and last but not least they are going to tell you when to call...
  6. RCall

    Carrying on rental residental properties.

    Before I ask for your opinions I would like to quote the ORC: 2923.126 (3)(b) A landlord may not prohibit or restrict a tenant who is a licensee and who on or after the effective date of this amendment enters into a rental agreement with the landlord for the use of residential premises, and the...
  7. RCall

    Vandalia LEO Encounter

    So I have decided to post my negative encounter from yesterday, I have the cruiser cam footage on the way and will post when i get it, before you read this i would like to make a couple points: First when the officer told me he was only requesting my id i felt a little intimidated so i let him...
  8. RCall

    Who can help me?

    Before i post the whole story of what just happened to me, I would like to know if anybody knows what I need to do to request dash cam video-audio and dispatch traffic for what i believe was an illegal Terry stop. A report was not taken by the LEOs involved but he filled out an interview card...
  9. RCall

    More women are carring guns in Miami Valley

    This article from the Dayton Daily News was posted on the yahoo home page: and of coarse a gun control group had to add their 2 cents Handgun ownership rising among women Cornelius Frolik, Dayton Daily News-59 mins ago More women in the Miami Valley are choosing to purchase and carry...
  10. RCall

    Beavercreek (OH) P.D. Ignorant About Open Carry

    Let me say im new to open carry and this site I have my ccw and have always wanted to open carry but my instructor in my ccw class made it sound like people who open carry are dumb and WILL EVENTUALLY face charges inducing panic charges or disorderly conduct charges which discouraged me. Despite...
  11. RCall

    Question about no carry zone sign posting requirements

    I was told by my ccw instructor and many others who concealed carry that in order for a no carry zone to be valid the proper signage must not only be posted conspicuously but at the door before you make entrance to a building. O.R.C. code 2923.126(3)(A) only states the conspicuous part not the...